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PI bike hire thread?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by roundabout, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. does anyone remember what the conditions were for the superbike school bike hire? there was a post that had the details, such as insurance/excess etc but i can't find it (might have been lost in the crash)

  2. These are the options that are available at the time of booking
    but I dont know what the excess's are etc.

    Option 1 Full Package Bike & Riding Gear $299.00
    Option 2 Bike hire only $275.00
    Option 3 Full Riding Gear $55.00
    Option 4 Leathers only $35.00
    Option 5 Helmet / Boots / Gloves (1 or more item) $25.00
  3. thanks, there was someone last year who had all the details, must have been in december that it was posted.
  4. I have called them and apart from the costs listed below there is a refundable deposit of $1000.00 payable on the day in cash or credit card imprint (refundable if no damage) and the most you would be up for in the event of damage is $2500.00. But I have been told that you only pay for the damage that you do so if you do $500.00 damage that should be all you pay as I understand it.

    Package cost for bike & riding gear $299
    Bike only $275
    Full riding gear $55
    Leathers only $35
    Helmet / Boots / Gloves (1 or more item) $25
  5. thanks lurk

    i probably should have just called them in the first place