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PI 15-16 Nov

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by D1300, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. I'm entered.

    Looks like a healthy turnout.

    Is anyone else going?

  2. This is the final round of the Vic. Road Race Championship, I think.
  3. I hope to be there camera in hand :)
  4. Goodo Dave.
  5. If you notice a black Super Duke wobbling around at the back of the field a photo would be nice? It should be easy to capture because it'll be going pretty slow. :)

    I don't know my garage but if you happen to walk through the pits and see #93 please stop in for a hello.

    Rog, I'm assuming you'll be there too.

  6. Have a ball Dean!
  7. Yeah Dean. I'll be there all weekend.
  8. Good meeting, but too many bad crashes. Safe trip home, you lot.
  9. That's not good. It was a nice day , why the carnage?
  10. It was pretty strange how many crashes there were, big and small. I know you can't help it but there was the most in one meeting i've seen anyway, maybe someone jinxed the meeting.

    Good weekend, even better racing, not so good sleep with a chainsaw going in the room next to me.
  11. Some blokes tried a bit too hard, I guess.
  12. Red mist descending + higher average speeds = more crashes... :(

    Hope all involved are ok

    To the couple of ambulance rides....hope its all good & your on the mend.
  13. I suppose you need some red mist if you're pushing to move up????

    On a better note, the weather was just right and the track was unbelievable! Being from Sydney and there for the first time, I'm very upset that PI has now spoiled EC for me. The track is just incredible. You guys in Victoria are very lucky to have such a track close by.

    Good meeting apart from the offs. Jafu, nice to meet you. Rog, good to see you too, I'm not sure if you know, but they were good about releasing the bike in the end. Garfield, you looked pre-occupied but it was nice to meet you too.

    Never seen so many 1098's :shock:

  14. Nice to meet you too, D1300.

    It was a good race meeting but a busy time, always is at the Island.

    Any news on Fergs?
  15. He's in hospital tonight again but hopefully observation only. Too much attitude to let injury keep him there I reckon.
  16. Frankston or Dandenong???
    Feel sorry for the nurses!!!!!

    ....and how is TJ?
  17. Never seen so many 1098s blow gearboxes. What's going on there?
  18. Garfield, he'll be out of Dandenong hospital this afternoon. In some pain but apparently he'll be ok.

    I've no word on TJ but I think he is more one of your guys and only races with us when there's a Victorian round? If you've news could you post it or pm me please?

    Rog, there was about 9 1098's out there, like bloody flies! I'm not sure that they were all gearbox or if crashes aren't just a statistical freak. But if I owned one I'd at the very least be asking Ducati the question though.
  19. I like EC. its nice on a 250. the only bad thing about EC is the smell

    Gratz to Jonathan for winning the 250!!
  20. A couple of pics from Sunday before I was called away

    It was nice to meet you, Dean, unfortunately I didn't get "speed" shots of you