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PI 14/15 April

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. What a great couple of days for riding, perfect weather, new bike......

    I am NEVER going to get tired of this!

    Here's the bike, ready to be belted around the Island


    Two firsts for the days there,
    1) got under the 2min mark with a couple of 1:59's and a lso a stack of consistent 2:00's to back them up, which made me very happy, considering it was my first time on the new bike, and also my first time on anything over 600cc!
    2) My 'Oh sh#t moment for the week.......

    ....used the slider for the first time! Shat myself! :LOL: :oops:

    Now to try and get out of Fridays commitments so i can go to Broadford..... :grin:
  2. wow, looking good.....it's such a blast down there.....can't wait to get back myself, and also looking forward to heading out to broadford...just a matter of $$$ and time atm :(
  3. Very nice Triway. Was there on Saturday, had a ball.

    Now, when you going to Broadford?
  4. Just trying to cover my work for this Friday the 18th, will know shortly........ :grin:

    You gonna come and show me the way around? :)
  5. Nice job, the bikes looking good. How does the 1000 compare to the 600 on the track?
  6. Course!
  7. Nice one.
    Good work on the slider. Isnt it fun? :LOL: :LOL: There will be none left in a very short time.

    I gotta reassemble my Bikes(crank upwards), and hopefully will cya at the track in may. Aiming for may 12th
  8. As this was my first ride on a 1000cc bike, I was in awe of the power. I probably only cracked the throttle fully open a couple of times for the two days. But that'll come with more riding on it.

    I'm 99% there at this stage CJ :grin:

    Natta, I can't ride for most of May with family commitments, maybe Broadford on the 25th, but am definitely at PI for the Queens birthday.

    here's another pic...

  9. The 1000 is an 07 model correct? How does it handle in the corners compared to the 600?
  10. Bit hard for me to compare as I'm on a slick now on the thou compared to a road going treaded tyre on the 600. I do know that I was much faster through turn one and turn 3 in particular on this bike.
  11. Where were you????

    You missed an awesome day for riding mate. For my second time a Broadford I was pretty happy with how I rode. Started in the medium group and was told to go to the fast group after lunch to get a better run, without as many obstacles. Lap timer was working in the morning and did some 1:11's, but whoever had the beacon out, took it down after lunch when I seemed to be faster, but I'm happy with 11's for my first time there on the new bike. Was getting both knees down consistantly also which was awesome.
  12. I admire (and envy) blokes who do track days :).
  13. What's stopping you Paul???
  14. Finances, and the fact that the Hornet is my only bike, and probably will be for the foreseable future. I can't afford to race it and I sure can't afford to throw it up the road :LOL:.
  15. Misunderstood your post :(

    Never mind, plenty of ops to go out again.
  16. the bike looks awesome man. i was down there on the 15th, first time id done a track day. had a freakin ball, so much fun.

    i was on the black buell, you may have heard it going down the straight, i was told itmakes a little bit of noise lol.
  17. Yeah I saw that one, so, have you got 'the bug' now?
  18. yeah id say so, theres another day on the 12th may that i think i'll be able to get down to. i'll book it in this week if i can get the day off.
  19. Good stuff!

    I will be back to PI for Queens B'day, but probably to Broadford on the 25th May.