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Physiotherapy - quit it early?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking of leaving physio early, i can walk already, and i want to get back to work.

    i can't run, i can't lift my foot upward more than a few mill, but i can walk pretty normally with a slight limp.

    physio wants to see me 3 days a week, which kinda makes going back to work quite hard - night shift and all.

    the injury is a torn calf muscle and a bunch of scar tissue and whatever, the top part of the muscle is all hard and tight.

    when i'm at physio, he does an ultrasound massage thing, a deep tissue massage, puts me on the weights, then the wobble board, then more exercises, then electronic muscle stimulater for 10 minutes, then some ice. and i'm good to go home.

    he's got me doing exercises at home (up on my tip toes, down, backward with toes pointing up, tip toes over a ledge (step) and try and put load on my heel to make it go below the ledge, calf stretches with a straight knee, etc etc)

    anyone in the know think i'll be right to leave physio and get back to work?
    he might be doing good, or he might be just milking it for some more $$ (fair enough.. i would too lol, but i need work. i'm running broke!).

    i haven't seen any REAL improvements at physio since about a week into it when we heard a nice rip and my knee freed up, and now that the foot as movement, i'm good. I do my exercises 3 times a day and see physio 3 times a week and it's slowly but surely getting better.

    now that i'm walking, i assume walking lots at work will just naturally heal it and i'll be good as gold in a month or so without physio anyway.

    any ideas or thoughts?

    anyone with experience able to suggest which way to lean?
  2. Like I told ya, I reckon this is the sort of thing that you should stick with for a while longer.

    A bit of money now might deliver you a fuller recover with fewer lasting injuries.

    And surely you can arrange appointments that fall either just before or just after your shifts so you can get back to work...
  3. I did six weeks of physio on my ankle (ligaments and tendon), I went from barely able to walk to having full movement and a successful snowboarding trip.

    On the other hand they were next door to my work, so it was no real hassle to go.

    As for the cost, what it worth to you to have full function in your limbs for the rest of you life ??

    Stick with it mate, those machines that they connect you to are doing more than you realise, and the exercises at home are just as important !!!
  4. Stick with it... i have been through more physio than i care to remember. Each time you skip a bit it makes the whole process harder.

    As well as making you better i t also means you have monitored progress so if something is wrong it gets found out earlier.

    Yes it's a pain.... but worth it in the end..... pluss it speeds up recovery on occaision.
  5. keep on with it. i didn't bother with all my exercises and stopped going to physio early a few times and ended up needing surgery. oh and if they tell you not to do something dont do it its a hell of a lot easier
  6. my physio said that you are right. the natural movement of walking is the best thing you can do.

    BUT you have scar tissue and the amount o scar tissue you will have for the rest o your life depends on the deep tissue manipulative massage you get today.

    you have to keep up the deep tissue stuff. scar tissue can get out of contol, it can twist up inside.

    its very difficult for a patient to know these things. get a second opinion. i wish you lived in sydney, i have the best physio.
  7. hrm, cheers D Stump, star tissue being permanent was news to me.
    s'pose he'll only want 2 more weeks, see what he says today.

    cheers, i'll keep you updated, and keep coming with the opinions please.
  8. Isn't TAC covering the costs of the Physio and loss in wages yet?
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  10. Me again my message reads below.
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  12. I have worked as a Remedial Masseur for the last 14years and I would strongly recommend you keep up with Physio. You haven't mentioned whether TAC is paying or not. I'm sure it is adding up though.

    Sounds like you are doing all the right things. I'm not sure what your exact injury was - I would be interested in knowing and also what surgery you had.

    As already mentioned, scar tissue is a real bugger to treat. And deep tissue massage and stretching is the only way to realign the fibres. And as far as the rest - muscles/fascia/tendons - these will be super tight because of the initial injury and you will be over compensating whilst you walk with a limp. Walking with a limp (long term) will also pose more problems for you down the track.

    If you stop now you would probably find that your progress may plateau. And your treatment down the track will be even more costly. Try speaking with the physio about alternate times. Most work at least one or two nights a week and early mornings can be an option. If you have any more questions or if I can be of any further help just pm me.

    Good Luck
  13. Its not now or even next year,but further down the road you will be sorry if you stop it early.I had 5 months of pshio after being in plaster for more than 6 months,that was 25 years ago ok my legs not perfect but its a hell of a lot better than it would have been if i stopped :grin:
  14. Matty,

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhh Mmmmmaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!


    You're thinking of quitting after approx 1 month (if that)???

    You'll be really sorry if you quit now cos you'll only be left in the state you are in and may get worse.

    Did you end up getting cover by TAC for this? If so, don't quit til they say you're 100% OK!!!!

    Like I keep telling you, I've been doing physio for about 8 months now (3 times a week) and I've recently been told by my specialist at a post surgery review that I won't be finished for another 3-6 months :tantrum:

    BUT I'm doing this to make myself better and I'm determined to get even better than I was pre-oopsi :dance:

    Complete recovery won't happen overnight but it will happen. I have only seen a slight improvement (and I mean slight) in my shoulder movement in the last week.......BUT it is an improvement.

    Even though it has taken me about 10 weeks post op to see an improvement (however slight & insignificant to me) it shows that I am getting somewhere and I am getting better. :woot: and my specialist and physio are over the moon with my progress.

    Just remember, we can't see the slight improvements cos we are watching what we can/can't do every day but they can see the most slight improvement cos they aren't watching us 24/7.

    So, as a closing argument, don't quit now!!!!!

    Hmmmmm, can't run you say??? :-w

    Mental note for next time I see you........cos if you quit, I'm gonna be forced to slap ya!!!!! :demon:
  15. matt,

    i had a long chat to my physio about your question. she said the ultra sound could be doing nothing for you [depending on when it happened].

    the only thing you really need is deep tissue massage and thats something YOU CAN DO URSELF
    (i cant do mine, its too painfull)

    she said 3 times each week is unheard of. the only prob with you going back to work now is it may take time away from your home physio.

    she said that she always works something out with her patients who cannot afford or come in for treatment.

    i think you may be getting milked a little. we would like to know how long ago the crash was. if its been as long as six weeks u r definitely getting milked.

    keep up the physio by all means, but you dont have to do a mountain of useless shit. find a cripple in ur neighbourhood and ask em. cripples are great when it comes to the reputations of medical staff.

    i go twice a week and if i miss an appointment im in agony. people mosty go to physio to control pain. ur scar tissue might hurt if u didnt get the deep tissue rub.

    the easiest way to answer ur question would b 2 ask urself. how much physio do u think u need?
  16. Hrm, sorry for the later reply, D stump gave me a nudge in PM to find this topic again.

    Yeah, I've got very mixed responses from you lot and i'm still lost lol.

    the Injury was only a torn calf muscle (left leg, left muscle).
    a bolt or piece of fairing went into it up the top of the muscle and an ultrasound at the hospital 2 weeks later found it torn (didn't tell me how much).

    Because i was off it for 2 weeks, it's caused a stack of scar tissue stuff about an inch wide and about half a foot long in my leg going down the muscle, it was almost rock hard and painful, i couldn't straighten my knee or put my ankle to walk on it.

    but now i'm pretty much walking normal (admittedly, i do limp a bit) but the scar tissue is feeling much softer and it's only really centered around where the puncture was.

    theres no real pain unless i muck up and step on a rock or something which pushes my ankle up further than it wants to, and most of the time it just feels like the muscle is over used (you know when you run all day and how it feels the next morning? like that, just a bit tight)

    i had the accident on the 4th of august and i started physio 2 weeks after that.

    what to do, what to do.
  17. MattyB,

    As dstump mentioned - ultra sound is (IMO) a waste of time. It is usually used by lazy physios who can't be bothered to use their hands. As the injury is a torn calf. I'm assuming it's the gastrocnemius or soleus muscle. So long as it isn't near your achilles you shouldn't have too many probs down the track. It's still early days. It's important that you keep up with your exercises. And find a deep tissue Remedial Masseur. Your physio should know one.

    Some physios (not all) do like the 3 x wk thing. It is a bit excessive for a muscle tear. I have a great physio who works at Msac and Olympic Park. If you want a second opinion I can give you his number for a chat (just pm me). I work in Port Melb - you're welcome to come in or I can recomend other masseurs that may be a bit closer.

    Don't loose heart.