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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. not sure if i mentioned this already but a post i put in another thread reminded me.

    a couple o weeks ago i was having manipulation massage from therapist named peter who i get on very well with.

    sometimes they get their fingers close to personal parts. on this particular day peter put his thumb in my ar$e thru my compression pants and tacky dacks.

    now, this got me thinking;

    'is peter supose to be doing that?'

    'how does this help my leg pain?'

    'hmmmmm, maybe i should say something'

    im glad i did because, apparently, there is no pressure point in the lower colon, in fact, if you would believe it, thats not what peter thought he was doing.

    my bottoms on my right have been out of action for soooo long that theres not much there anymore so peter thought he was poking the cheek.

    i go to a lot of physio so its not surprizing that something funny happens now and then. what about u guys? any disturbing tales about the medical profession?
  2. g'day mate.

    I'm a physio and have a heavy bias to manual therapy so am using my hands all day. Your experience is what we call 'digital penetration' and i was warned to be careful to avoid it years ago when i was at uni. Actually i remember laughing at the time cause i thought it was an absurd notion but it DOES happen.

    that said i am not aware of doing it ever. There is little use of fingers on/in the rectum to relieve low back pain as the usual gluteal muscles (Glute medius/minimus, piriforms, the gemelli, obturators and quadratus femoris) that need work on can be reached from 'safe' angles. The only reasons i can think is

    he was trying to release a muscle called pubococcygeus (an important muscle but there is no need to massage it),

    it was an accident (but if this is his trade i don't see how he can be 'inside' or even on it without knowing- his touch discrimination should be better than that)

    or he likes you :p

    either way, it might be worth mentioning it to him so he does not repeat the same behaviours.
  3. sorry, leg pain too :grin:
  4. Last night, whilst in relatively polite company, my attention was drawn to two words that I would not normally have heard together: rectal fossicker. It would seem somewhat descriptive of your experience. Normally, I have heard of reference to such things as the ischio-rectal fossa and I wondered perhaps whether someone's tongue had perhaps slipped... :p
  5. lol...G, you crack me up :LOL:

    And yeah, I know who woulda said it ;)
  6. :shock: :shock: :shock: :LOL:
  7. hehehehehehe...

    Actually, I have heard of a therapist, let's call them "The Animal", who (allegedly) kindly proffers a piece of electrical conduit to bite on when the going gets, shall we say "rough". :p :LOL:
  8. She didn't say she disliked it? :LOL:
  9. ha ha! good one triway!

    i dont think he likes me we have had the odd chat about sex.

    on one occasion he told me about a film where a man said to his son;

    'son, make sure you have sex with a one legged woman, you have to fcuk a one legged woman b4 your time, its the greatest'

    followed by a stare....



    its just a movie, it doesnt mean anything

    just checking
  10. I was... Or let me say *they* might have been referring to the "correct terms" one might be expected to use, when making documentation on clients behaviour & or actions... Someone might have to make such documentation, when working in the mental health sector....
    Other fun phrases may include "self soothing" "self examination" & my personal favourite “nostril excavationâ€. Of course any such documentation is only required if the subject has caused through their enthusiasm damage such as… ooo let me see, a perforated bowel, nose bleed or other such documentation worthy topics.
    Fun fun fun!

    Other stories of misadventure might be found under another thread
    "So what do you do for work" around abt page 10...
    Happy hunting!
  11. BOO! MY GOD!

    dont let no physio see your butt in that plastic number!

    thumbs away!
  12. Ahh, I was talking (laughing) to Blodders last night about being umm, "woman-handled" (as opposed to manhandled) as we were in an my hydrotherapy class yesterday trying to do work with my injured brachial plexus which prevents me doing a rotation movement with my injured shoulder. Anyway, she was trying to get me on my side using floaties but the one holding me up via stomach was getting in the way big time. She asked with my consent to remove the floatie and she held me up for a bit so I could do this rotation movement on my side with my female physio holding me steady by my butt cheek and stomach/side. We had a giggle that "we're good friends now" while doing this movement and when I was done, she let go.

    No hard feelings about it (*boom* pun intended :LOL: ) and we carried on with other "movements" after that. It's a good story to tell after the fact as she didn't have any "ill attention" or so towards the fact she had to hold me up by my butt + side/stomach. Just a professional helping out a patient with a weird injury :grin:

    Well, that's my story I have to include :grin:
  13. oh undi! u suffer from it too!

    my female physio [also good friends] grabs my ar$e at every opertunity. the other day during a sesion, i pulled my dacks to show her a scar or explain something and she grabed my ar$e and started working on it.

    i said 'you cant help yourself can you! can i at least pull my pants up first?'

  14. ....Le meow
  15. ........La poke!

    with an out fit like that and attituded to match, im sure u will enlighten us very shortly regarding a similar tale of strange happenings at the vet clinic. i guess there's no avoiding the thermometer with those dacks :LOL:
  16. guys, guys, guys

    you talk like its unusual to touch another person, even on the buttocks...has anyone here played football before?

  17. cam

    we're talking about a THUMB in the AR$E
  18. Exactly.

  19. lol

    i stand corrected!