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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tubbsy, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    Ok, one of my other hats is as a portrait and wedding photographer. Ran my own biz in NZ, in the process of starting it up here.

    Anyway, I like to do side projects on...well...the side, just personal projects to keep my skills up and change up the subjects of my photography to keep it fresh and fun and what not.

    In this forum there are a lot of people that are very passionate about their rides, and that is fantastic. I'd like to capture some of that with photography.
    So if you are keen on letting me include you in my photography project on bikes and their owners, you will get in return, a disc of several high quality images of you and your bike to do with what you want (facebook, avatars, print, whatever). No money will change hands, this is what's called 'time for CD'

    I live in Sydney, so you need to either be here, or coming here. PM me if you are keen, and I'll send you a link to my official site so you know I'm the real deal. It'll be a bit of a laugh, and you'll be surprised at some of the wicked shots you'll get with your bike, seriously, don't be shy.

  2. Interested
  3. PM sent.
  4. I'm a shit rider,and TBH on the podgy side. If you think you can make me look good, I'm genuinely interested too.
  5. I know I can mate. (y)

    PM on its way
  6. oh this sucks dogs balls...when you coming to Vic Tubbsy? :p

    Good luck with the photo shoots everyone...
  7. He he he, you've got a bike too don't you? When you coming to Sydney? :D

    How far is halfway between? Could be a good excuse for a ride.

    "good luck"??? He he, what does that mean?
  8. Don't despair mischief there are a few good photogs here...

  9. get smee to take some lingerie, i mean bike shots of you :D
  10. Just nod and smile and slowly back away Mischief......
  11. +1 to that brother.
    PM me tubbsy. :grin:
  12. Hi all

    Thought you may be interested to see some pics from the first shoot. Taken a few days to organise as I wasn't keen on shooting in the record heatwave.

    Anyway, had a subsequent idea to to float out there, what I might do, if I do enough shoots with bikes and riders, is make a little photobook like you get from Big W or the like (about A4 size). In it I'd have the pics, and a little story from each rider. (seems like a cool thing to do instead of the pics just sitting on the hard drive), then if each rider wanted one (maybe 15-20 riders all up), I may be able to wangle a discount on a bulk order or something. We'd each pay for our own, but purely cost price, no money in it for me as that's not why I wanna do it. What do you reckon of that idea?

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  13. Couple more from a shoot yesterday, lots of flies around the 1 spot. ;-)

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  14. That the best my face has ever looked - thanks for taking the time to do this - the shots I have look great.

    If Tubbsy has anymore time I would recommend it to anyone - some free pro shots of your bike, what more could you want.
  15. He he, told you I wouldn't put face or licence plate shots on the forum matey. ;-)
  16. Nice work Tubbsy.
    Lookin' forward to it mate.
  17. What a great way to practise for you, and a great momento for the riders!
  18. Photo's look great!
  19. Cheers mate, appreciate it.