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Photoshoot of my new bike - Ducati 1198S

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by methd, May 12, 2009.

  1. As some of you may know, I bought this baby a few weeks ago. I've since taken a few photos of it and want to share them :)

    As for the bike... it's everything I thought it'd be and more! I'm totally in love with this bike and just loving the twin motor (never ridden one prior to this bike). After a run of 6, 1000cc inline 4 bikes I think I'll never go back to them. This thing wheelies on demand, and even though I'm running it in atm (it only has 200 odd kays on it), the front wheel lifts from 2k rpm.





  2. lucky bastard

    thats all i have to say
  3. very nice mate, i got jelousy written all over my face :)

    your pretty good in the photo department to.
  4. Great shots :grin:
  5. F#$k Me that is a Sexy looking beast
  6. Very nice shots of a very nice bike
    70-200mm lens?
    nice light effects with an open aperture with that first shot.
  7. Damn thats beautiful. Grats on the new bike. Can i have it? :)
  8. cheers. it's a 200 f2 for all the long shots you see, and a 14-24 for the wide one of the rear wheel.
  9. haha it's my only pride and joy atm... when i park the car, i always walk over to the bike and give it a stroke or two - it's love ! :)
  10. total and pure p0rn......nursing a semi......... :grin:
  11. Me likey, noice job. :grin:
  12. Nice Bike. Nothing better than that V-twin power delivery.
    the 1198S has traction control as well doesn't it?
  13. Soft :p

  14. What he said ;) Great shots!
  15. Sacrilege. You have the stock pipes. Ye gods man, they must go and go now!
  16. haha yes, i know ! I'd love to do more riding, but too busy with work right now and I'm never home. Thinking about doing the mystery ride tomorrow night.
  17. The termis are going on as soon as it's reached 1000kays for its first service. They won't put it on from new...
  18. I hate you so much right now.

    +1 for a set of Termis...
  19. yep, the DTC works really well - I leave it on a mid setting of 4, from 1-8. You can gun it out of corners and it will literally wheely. It's so cool and gives you so much confidence (maybe too much).
  20. Many apologies! A man of taste!

    These bikes are the mutts nuts. Happy playing.