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Photos this Sunday! Old Pacific Highway

Discussion in 'NSW' started by toadcat, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,
    A few mates have just bought some fairly expensive cameras and want to give them a go. We're going to be set up along the left hand (going North) sweeper just past the Mooney Mooney bridge so get leaning! We may also move elsewhere as day goes on as well. We will be there from about 10am onwards til about 4 or so.

  2. You're a police stooge aren't you?

    Hopefully we can take their car spots so they'll have to f-off somewhere else :D

    Anyone recommend some nice corners to sit at?
  4. here's a photo to prove we aren't the boys in blue:

    I'll also try and get some traffic cones and put them before the corners in both directions that we're currently shooting on so you get some warning.

    (BTW, i am not actually going to be doing the photos, that is Unconnecteds camera and he is the photographer)
  5. This one:

  6. Might help to put up a sign before the bend to not give people a fright or target fixation
  7. Ill try to get some kind of sign going, failing that ill just put up some traffic cones, so keep an eye out for them. also my car will be located near by, so at least half of the people will ride past depending on what direction they are going will see it. its a White subaru impreza with black wheels, so keep an eye out for that as well.

    Also TheYak, would you be able to show me where that corner is on google maps, or at least what section / general area it is in.
    EDIT: dont worry i found it.
  8. ill keep an eye out but i want the pics :)
  9. Sure, I'll give you a pm if I see you. You ride a black.... Ninja isn't it?
  10. Yep - That's the one...

  11. Lol try blue black white R6

  12. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that found that funny. I just spat beer all over the laptop.
    Thank god for baby wipes.

    (p.s. if it was an honest mistake, I'm sorry for laughing toadcat (blue R6 mate). If not, FVckin Gold! )
  13. Hahhaha it was a joke, everyone knows he rides an RS125...
  14. Good thing Deano is on holidays too :angel: I'm so tempted to do this but I'm in the same boat as Goz :(

  15. its on Sunday Sam so i will be up that way
  16. :rofl:
    Black ninja indeed
  17. So where are u guys? I see plenty of boys in blue
  18. Yep nowhere to be seen
  19. Marty is wrecking his knee sliders for u blokes and u ain't around
  20. Have you got your power ranger suit on? are you trying rub the eye's off :)