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photos - the new year, landscapes and others

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Bringing in the first date of the new year as the best date one can find (obviously apart from 11/11/11 later on this year - NOT to be missed!):


    Down in the bay on my private beach:



    The boaters having a great old time fishing, and me lining up the shot perfectly screaming with delight!:


    The view from my verandah:


  2. do do do do do la la la ho hum ho hum



    I love mosaics :D I didn't actually go to the show, though:


    Crazy cool plane window shot:


    Moon, sunset and plane wing = AWESOME

  3. Nice pics! What camera do you use?
  4. 5 pics please, don't photo flood the rest put them up as links. You just maxed out my iPhone credit. Please follow forum rules or the thread is deleted.
  5. is that what melbourne looks like? :-O

    haha, some good pics in there :)
  6. Ive moved the offending posts to holding so that they are not lost
  7. i thought i kept it to 5 pics per post?? and i thought we couldn't put up links?

    confused lots...
  8. smee - what can i do to get the pics back? put them up as links? i can't do that without the photos as i don't remember every single one i put up.
  9. I'll try and sort them out now that I've upped my credit and tethered the laptop.
    Goz culled your posts, some had 8 or nine pics in them.
    Even in the sticky it says not to flood the forum with photos.

    There is no reason why you cant posts links to the pictures at all.
    What you can do is start a few threads maybe with 3 posts in them and a warning they are graphic heavy.
    I'll start it off with the rest of your pics in holding, hopefully that may help.
  10. I was REALLY careful at making sure there was only 5 in each. I swear I didn't have more than 5... I counted each time prior to posting - that doesn't sound right :-s

    6, maybe, tops, if anything... definitely not 8. :-s

    Thanks Smee :)
  11. Smee's going all soft on us! ;)
  12. They are great shots and deserve an airing :p
  13. thanks :)
  14. +1 Great photo's
    We have beach's in VIC too
  15. And fishing boats


  16. And the odd rock

    And some rocks, AND a beach

  17. Roarin please resize those.
  18. i didn't get to the coast when i was in Victoria.
  19. Nice shots, I've got gigs and gigs of all manner of road trip photo's on the computer in melb, I'll have to upload some when I get home from holidays :)..

    Looking at the most unreal sunset over New Caledonia atm.... There are huge plumes of smoke all shaded in red and purple and orange = awesome.

    Oh and smee, lovin the new avatar mate (y)

  20. where is this, that looks tops, must visit it