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[Photos] Spent "THE" last night in Bright

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ratbag, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. I was invited up to spend the last night with the Bright group and since my holidays were coming to an end i thought , WHY NOT!

    I found everyone to be very pleasant, maybe they were all worn out since they had been there all week and were probably tired.
    ( foxy's dvd he was working on looked entertaining, which included photos and video taken over the 1st 4 days :grin: )

    I enjoyed my spirited ride up there, thanks for having me everyone, i might just see if i can join in on the next one if you'll have me :)

    Most of my images are from preparing to leave and on the way home.
    And as usuall ive included shots while riding........


    Cheers ratty

  2. The Whitfield corner you stopped at much have been a bit tricky.....lots of centre lining the exit happening by the looks of it.... :p :grin:
  3. nice pics ratty.
  4. Good shots as usual Paul. Nice pic of stookie's Hardley Davidson too!
  5. I wouldn't call that a corner Matt, it's got to be the tighest of them all in the Whitfield run, i beleave as you get to it, you can see through the corner so it's safer to go to or over the whiteline, than pulling the the bike down hard.

    Oh and i love the way "Moike" went around a Harley on that corner, i have a sequence of 4 pics of him doing that :grin:

    It's to the left of this pic below

  6. It's also the corner where the gravel played a bit of havoc with my rear wheel while cranked over coming back from Corryong trip and where everybody felt their wheel skid a bit going up to Bright. I definitely took that corner waaay easy and ran a bit wide (after checking no oncoming cars) as a just in case :)
  7. I wish I could have got there. Nice and close to home. Let me know if your up this way again. Have barbeque---Will burn shit.
  8. Some great photo's Ratty. You gave me a start when you pulled up alongside at 1XX k/h to snap that one on the Milawa road.

    (and as you can see, the HD rider was pulling in to let me past.)