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Photos on the Old Pacific Hwy 9th June 2014

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Senator17, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. There was a photographer set up on the Old Pacific Hwy on Monday Morning of the Queens birthday weekend. Don't know if he was just there with some mates photographing them, or if he was set up for the day photographing bikes as they passed. If anyone knows who he was and if he has a web site, can they pass the message on so we can see his photos and purchase any good ones.

  2. There is a fellow (his name escapes me) who is up there most weekends taking photo's.

    He posts one or two on the Old Road FB page.
  3. There's also Old Road Photographer dot com who was there on the 08th for future reference.

    Edit* Nick Edards from Half Light Photographic is the FB reference
  4. That's him...
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  7. Hi fin mental and thanks for that.

    I was coming back from Pie and saw a nice looking lady setting up to take photos on the sweeping right, to cross the railway bridge just outside Cowan.

    I now assume that must have been Kerry.

    (P.S. sorry about the italics, I must have hit the wrong key by mistake.)
  8. Thanks for the mention Plaidler.
    Unfortunately that wasn't me on the Monday, I've taken a few weeks break. I can say that it definitely was Nick and Kerry from Half Light that was up there that morning, I believe they just released the first batch of photos yesterday afternoon.