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photos of 'ghosts'

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. g'day,

    i grew up in a haunted house. my family were all aware of the ghost but no one ever saw it, we only heard and felt the footsteps up the verandah quite often. it didnt bother us but we tried to get a photo and nothing ever appeared on the film. we found out the history of it, that was intriguing.

    research suggests they are not dead people walking around, but a reflection in time. or something else. [residual]

    check out the photos. keep in mind this would be very easy to fake and they probably are.


  2. What are you doing up telling ghost stories this time of the night?
    I wont be able to sleep
  3. sorry chef. they're nothing to be afraid of. they can't hurt you and they're just a reflection. i have a ghost in the house im in now, im all alone looking at the photos and i will sleep like a log cause i learnt how to deal with it a long time ago.

    you can do it too. seriously, are people anything to be afraid of? thats what they are at the worst! the unknown is what you are afraid of and thats just your imagination.
  4. I'll be ok, I'm not afraid of ghosts, all they want to do is a bit of pottery, I've seen the movie.

    When I was a kid, some mates and I had an eery experience, but it's not worth re-telling.
  5. aw common, i'll got a great tale from hospital [heaps o ghosts there!] which i will tell tomorrow.

    tell us yours
  6. Who ya gunna call??
  7. I'm hoping the REAL photographer Vic will agree with me here, but lets see if i can shed some light on these 'ghosts' (aha, ha ha. shed some light *sigh*)

    I'll stick with the 3 photos per post rule, but heres a couple you can pick straight off the bat

    long exposure with a moving light source.

    lens flare and a long exposure with the subject standing still for a portion of the exposure, then moving out of frame, or possibly a double exposure on a film SLR

    A crazy person dancing like a crazy person with a light source exposing her during a long exposure, again.

    then, some of them confuse me (ie, the one with the 2 people standing near tripods with 'orbs' around their hands - like that russian era with the force fields around peoples hands) but, could just be trickery to make the photo look like an old film snap shot, when really they just waved a glow stick around and messed with it. lol

    ALOT of those photos are crap. Some are just specs or dirt on the sensor/glass/film, others are lens flares, some are scratched up lens glass making stranger lens flares and effects, others are just pixelated crops of an over exposed night shot.
  8. Wow, I'm no where near a photographer and they look so "real" Not.

    I'm sure most long exposure photos would produce "spooky" effects.

    Nowadays with Photoshop etc you could put anything in a photo. They aren't the conclusive proof they once were particularly with the area 51 crowd.
  9. the real ghost rider

    ghosts need to keep fit too :LOL:
  10. I thought it was going to be Laverda pics !

  11. I love ghost stories.

    I grew up in a house that had a ghost or two. I spent 15 or so years there and there were countless unexplainable happenings. Many mornings my sisters and I would line up for the shower (our own) to find steam pouring out of the bathroom and condensation dripping down the walls - it was next to our bedroom and no one had used it :shock: Our front room had a book shelf full of toys which were often scattered everywhere whilst we were at school. My sister used to feel someone sitting on the end of her bed at night. And during the night we'd hear lots of noise in the kitchen - like plates moving. Once we were getting breakky only to find all the knives were bent in half and had to be thrown out as they were too strong to fix. My sisters room was always bitterly cold, even in summer. I never learnt the history of our house either. It was only seven yrs old when we moved in. There was a rumour that the couple who had it before us had a son who suicided there. OOh i'm having goose bumps thinking about it all. There are lots of stories.

    DStump - i'd love to hear about your hospital ghosts. I have a friend who was a nurse and she has lots of creepy stories.

    I only saw one ghost that was at a friends house. It was a child in a red jacket. I'm sure there are many people who don't believe. But once you've experienced something so unexplained it does make you wonder...
  12. ok i do the hospital story now and the history of the house i grew up in this arvo.

    i was in intensive care at RNSH in isolation. it was dark and quite [after 12am] until a staff member washed up the bed pans. he was banging and crashing loudly for about 20mins.

    then he emerged and walked into my room and stood over my bed with his hands on the hand rail. he was good looking, young, and dressed in 1930s hospital atire.

    we had a conversation about whatson and crick and the water on his chin began to drip down onto my sheets. i asked him to step back because he had just been washing up bed pans. he did. we spoke some more and out of the blue he vanished before my eyes.

    i stayed awake for hours waiting for a nurse to come check on me. one female nurse walked past the glass and after about four steps she vanished too.
    years later i was looking thru ghost threads and found a nurse explain about RNSH and a ghost who washed up the bed pans. my computer broke down and i was never able to find the thead again. i wanted to talk to her about it.
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  15. they're great! thanx spud gun.

    took me a little while to see the ghost in the back seat of the car. that's the best one!
    quick history of my parents house;

    during the second world war, one end of the varandah was converted into two small rooms for refugees.

    there is a line on the eve of the varandah where the rooms started and that is where the footsteps stop [1/2 way across my bedroom window]. the rooms were carpeted.

    before we learnt that, we thought it was just outside my bedroom window, standing there, waiting for me. now we know that it does walk on but we don't hear the rest of the steps because carpet is quiet.
  16. Spud gun - your photos were great. Very eerie :shock: The car photo was scary. I think i'll always be checking the back seat from now on. How about the picture taken at Hampton Court Palace with the cloaked person opening the door? The attached article was interesting.

    DStump (Jax) - Your family house sounds full of history. Do you think you'd be able to find some info from your parents? It would be great to know who the person is and what their story was.

    Your hospital experience was incredible. Like something you'd see in a movie. Did you ever think at the time that there was something strange about him - other than his clothing? I'm sure the nursing staff must have been happy to have the help :? . As for the other nurse :shock:

    There was a caller recently who rang up Nova (local radio station) who works as a security guard at the Queen Vic in the city. This used to be a hospital and has now been converted into a shopping centre. One day a short, pale old lady came up to him and told him that she used to work there. He asked where? To which she pointed up to the top of the building and replied "Up there with the bastard children". The guard thought that was a saying you never heard these days and promptly looked down at the lady to find she had vanished.

    Did you ever find that if you heard or saw something strange often enough that you'd become oblivious to it after a while? In other words did it not scare you after a while? My older sister had jockey medals hanging from her bedroom door handle which used to rattle most nights (even when all the doors and windows were shut). We became oblivious to it but friends staying used to freak out a bit. We were scared of the less frequent things. We had orange (was the 70's) acrylic carpet (nice) which used to make a scrunching noise if you walked on it. We used to hear it at night in our rooms. That used to terrify me. The only room I could never walk into alone was the laundry. From the age of four I refused to go in there. My parents never talked about the "goings on" until we moved out. They did however have the house exorcised - which made no difference. My parents soon divorced and during that whole time my father apparently never believed anything until his last night alone......
  17. i had no idea. water was dripping off his chin. there was no sign except for when he vanished. [intensive care was quite an adventure. its all in 'stumpy's birthday' my auto biog.]

    yeah, its always good to find that stuff out. there's a pepple pathway around the verandah. you can always hear when a person steps onto the verandah cause they have to go over the pepples. the ghost never touched the pepples. we have two theories. one is that the ghost flys down and lands on one foot on the edge of verandah [the 1st step is very loud] or the pepples weren't there in his time.
    the man was a solder who was staying there during the war. that's all we know apart from boring things like, the house was a vet clinic [found out when we dug ourselves a pool], the house was a restaurant etc.
  18. Here's one that while it didn't scare us, was something that we never really discussed too much.

    A group of about 8 of us were staying ay a 100+ year old gatekeepers cottage in the Innes National Park on Yorke Peninsula. We had two rooms, 4 girls in one, a couple in the other and 2 blokes(incl. me) on the floor in the dining room. One morning over breakfast the girls in the room mentioned that us blokes had weak bladders. WTF? They said they kept on getting woken up by one of us walking through the corridor past their room to the outside toilet. When one of them heard whoever it was, they looked up and saw a silhouette pass by the moonlit window but couldn't make out who it was. Only one of them saw this but three of them heard it. But none of the blokes got up at all or sleepwalked!

    The next day we were sitting around the dining table at lunch having a chat and commenting on the decor - all four walls were floor to ceiling with old rum flagon labels. We were discussing the former gatekepper(being a gatekeeper's cottage) and how he must have been a full-on alcoholic. Someone made the comment he must have been called "Al" and about 2 seconds after this the huge, heavy solid wood door that we had wedged against the undulating concrete floor slammed shut very hard, so hard it almost shook the cottage. We were all in the dining room and there was no wind! We just stared at each other for about 10 seconds and then we changed the subject.
  19. gavasco, i can't get to pg 2 to see your reply. it's a ghost page!

    puting this reply in is the only way i can see it
  20. thats a great story greg.

    there's a black silhouette that walks around the house im renting at the mo. ive been here 3 years and ive seen it four times.

    when rolling through the house at night i look at the floor to avoid noticing it. one night i was in another room where there is a mirror on the wall and it walked behind me.