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QLD Photos of a motorcycle thief.

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by TRA, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Pictures of thief on my stolen trumpy.



  2. So this idiot steals it and continues riding it like its his? I see in the 2nd photo he has added a top box
  3. NAh, in the first photo he has removed the top box. It was on there when it was stolen.
  4. So this idiot steals it and continues riding it like its his? I see in the 1st photo he has removed your top box and continued riding :)
  5. How has this guy not been caught yet?
  6. What a stupid helmet, and seriously: no socks? His feet must reek...
    (God I hope that wasn't your helmet, TRA!)
  7. Nah, his helmet and jacket. Same one in all the photo's and cctv footage I have, so not only does the knobhead ride with the same plate, he also rides with same jacket and helmet too.

    Cops have done nothing, but I notice they are doing some pro-active policing and walking past bike parking areas as well as leaving notes suggesting people use disc locks. Was talking to a triumph rider the other day and he got a phone call from the po-po suggesting that if he park in the city that he should consider using a disc lock cause lots of trumpies have been stolen.
  8. what area is this clown riding your bike?
  9. At least they caught the prick who tried to steal my Beemer. Not overly bright as you can see from this crappy mobile phone photo - what sort of an idiot tries to ride an old BMW in bare feet... (no helmet either)

  10. howd you take that photo TonyE? was the guy trying to steal your bike whilst you were standing next to it calling 000?
  11. Has some pretty stylish threads too
  12. I'm putting a printout of that photo in my cage and if i see him I'll make sure I SMIDSY.

    Oh I should check, is your bike insured?
  13. Bike cop rode past and saw this loser pulling the ignition to pieces so stopped and asked him what he was doing. He claimed he was "fixing it for a mate". Cops checked the rego and got in touch so I came down (it was outside work).

    Still waiting for it to go to court - probably after Christmas.
  14. I own a Sprint GT and I felt for you when I saw this....

    There must be a surge in thefts on Triumphs if the Police are going out of their way to contact owners. I must admit I have been a little complacent lately. A timely reminder to sharpen up now.

    Looks like an ST? Just out of curiosity where/when it was taken and what sort of security did you have on it?

    Any word on the thief, insurance payout or new bike?
  15. How frustrating!

    Where did you get those images from?
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    Jebus, now you got me paranoid about my trumpy. Gonna start disc locking my bike again.
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    Is he wearing his girlfriends shirt?
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  18. He was ugly enough, I'd hate to see the gf.

    Very grubby top, tracksuit pants and no shoes - but he'd very competently and very carefully removed the ignition switch and had all the bits laid out on the seat while he tried to work out which wires started it. (Lights, parking light etc are all wired to thae ignition switch)

    Unfortunately for him he hadn't realised that the ignition kill switch was on which was why he was having a lot of trouble getting it started. :)
  19. 996GR

    In one of the tunnels (domain?) I'm guessing. 4:00pm ish

    Shouldn't be too hard to spot that ********.
  20. South East Queensland. So far I have had speed cam at burleigh and toll fines from all SEQ tollways.