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Photos of 2 friends in the Black Spur

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Bekstar, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. I took these pics of a couple of Ratbags friends laying down sparks from their knee sliders in the Black Spur.
    They looked like their were enjoying themselves :grin:
    The riders are Nathan and Tim, not members of netrider, but a few netriders know them.


  2. Very nice photos, you must have used a very high shutter speed, i can see the tread pattern on the R1
  3. What a nut job, going around those corners one hand, knee on the ground while sticking his finger up... Crazyness... :shock:
  4. Nice number plates !
  5. Ditto, very responsible!!
  6. For a novice yes; but not so crazy when you have the level of skill & practice they have had to be able to do something like that with ease.
  7. Hahaha.... I see nothing changes, Nathan and Tim pulling the same photo posed shoots on the same corner, on the same road. Reminds me of Jay and Silent Bob out teh front of the Quick Stop :LOL:

  8. Yep - @#$%ing awesome.
  9. Hey bec...its Julz here...l met you on sat at the rest area... :grin: nice to meet you

    Those pics are just shithot!!!....great stuff!!...gotta love them bends woohoo!!!

    Pic 3 & 4 has won me :twisted:
  10. Must agree with you there. I've seen those same photos along time ago. All that has changed is the date used (album name) used in photobucket :LOL:
  11. Hide Out avaliable......

    Exellent pics. Looking at the rear of the bikes I thought I would mention that I have just bought the Roadhouse at the end of the Spur and have room in the back for discret parking of bikes. I am putting my collection of Bike memorabilia on display and hope to catch up with the likes of your two phsyco mates and any and all netriders. Cheers to all.
  12. Aw c'mon ya snide old mongrel. If you want to get your knee down (which I imagine is bloody good fun if you're into that sort of thing) there's no better place on the public roads to do it.

    There's a good reason people keep coming back to the spur.

    Now, when do we next see YOU out there on yer bike eh mate? ;)
  13. They weren't planning on stopping anyway!
  14. Awesome :grin: thats pretty sweet
  15. Not being derogatory or insinuating at all.
    I remember doing some laps of the Spur with Nathan and Tim about 12 mths ago ... and ratty took some almost identical photo's (eg. 1 handed bird) on that day too :)
    I think he only got one of the bird in though that day, since he needed both hands and full concentration to catch-up to me :LOL:
    I have a photo of sparks flying from my bike on that corner back on that day somewhere too .. only my sparks were from the pegs, not titanium sliders like the girlies use :p :p :p :LOL: :butt:
  16. Hi Bekstar
    Nice pics . Thanks for showing them.
    This is probably not what you expected here but ....
    Cant help myself though , so .....
    The leg up shot.
    I would pop that canon d20 into the rgb colour space instead of the sRGB . That will give you more tone in the colours . Adobergb1998 would be better but I dont think the D20 shoots in that. You've got it set for aperture priority and so its shot at 1/2000 of a sec at 400 iso. With the action comimg at you like that you can stop it just the same at 1000 with 200 iso. 200 iso gives you less digital noise in the shadow area . Digital cameras record the most data at the left side of the histogram ( highlight area ) . Yours has little detail recorded there and whats there is blown highlight anyway so the whole exposure imo could have been moved to the right by a stop i.e. 1000@100 iso . So , off the aperature priority and on to manual exposure . :grin:

    The result would have been lots more detail in the dark shadow area. I like the low f/stop number because it puts the background out a bit and isolates the rider , and your point of focus is spot on.

    Of course most photographers go ape shite with me for even suggesting that they allow the highlights to blow but in a contrasty action scene like that you can't have it all . That chip is only going to record maybe 6 stops and there is way more than that on a contrasty sunny mid afternoon Melbourne Saturday .
  17. Bull shit. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I have the photo's from that day. Army Nath and Tim are funny as hell and good value to sit down and watch :biker:

    P.S Mouth, when you reach the edge of ya tyres let me know and we can go for a squirt. Till then :p :p
  18. Do these guys do trackdays too?
  19. Thanks

    I have never been on one of these forums and have always held back, but no more. I just want to say it, I have been wanting to say it for a long time now on the net, so here it goes
    COPS ARE TOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a mate of Tim and Nath's. Thankyou for any posts here as any publicity is good publicity. Shame on anyone who believes these guys are reckless, they are just mortals getting the most out of life like everyone alive should.

    Tim has NEVER EVER riden on a track and that is pure fact and will be backed up by anyone who knows him!!!!

    For all you guys who are sick of Nath and Tim up the spur you may be happy to hear the latest rumour doing the rounds at the moment is that they with a couple of other local riders have been offered some short term work under the table with team GR although when I hit them up they wouldn't talk about it. So that would cause time away from the spur?????
  20. Re: Thanks

    Is that supposed to be a good thing?

    From everything I'm told, trackdays are a f*cking blast!