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Photos from the track

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dima, Nov 5, 2014.

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    Just like photos from your ride, but taken to the track (because a track day is not a ride as such).

    So post your best or worst pics for others to discuss, share and reflect upon.
    Then look back at it few years later and compare.

    EDIT: please include some of the details of your photos (track, type of riding, track day or a school, maybe group and some other quick notes that you've got). That should help others understanding and referencing the photos.

    I'll start with few of mine at different times (they clearly show the progression):

    My first track day (CSS L1) at PI vs about a year later at broadford (HARD Advanced).


    CSS L2 or 3 (if I remember correctly) at PI late 2013. T9.

    Track day, PI, Med-fast, early 2014, T6.


    Track day PI, late 2014. T6 (Syberia)
    T6 A64H6549.
    T10 (MG) A64H6831.
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  2. (y) Noice pics
  3. Good timing dima - i was at EC yesterday and my brother took a few pics ................ and a vid of me running out of road at turn 19 onto the straight and employing the concrete strip! Oooops :(
  4. A ride day.
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  5. Ooops. Hope you and the bike are okay?
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    Your body position with the picture on the red Daytona is actually slightly better than the one on your new bike with knee down, what corner is the 675r front on at? Look a little 'reachy' and you can over twist your upper torso just like you can ride with a twisted lower torso. I'd say don't drop your upper body so far into the corner. Knee down will happen later at higher speed and you'll have a higher lean angle as the front on shot is not that leaned over. I'm only saying this as throwing my upper body in was one of the things the trainer picked up on last week. He said do a little less and let the speed increase. A couple sessions following him and I got what he was talking about. Still lead with shoulder but slightly lesser extent.

    You are a tall bloke though aren't you?

    Run offs are good.
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  7. Fine Mate, thanks. Just ran wide and ran up the concrete, kicked up a bit of dust at the end of the strip and back on the track. My own fault, last session of the day, knackered, not concentrating enough, wondering what was for tea, what my first beer would taste like......... Julie Bishop in stockings and a basque, you know, normal stuff.
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  8. B55H7119 copy.

    out of turn 11 heading for 12
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  9. Anyone (besides myself) doing a track day on Sunday Dec 21st?
  10. would be nice
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    In what respect? On the red daytona (at Broadford) I probably didn't even need to hang off as the speed was relatively low as it was a school.
    The recent one is PI track day and at a good pace for me. So direct comparison would be unfair to make.
    Not sure which one you refer to. I've updated the post with more description.

    Yes, I do slightly twist my upped body at times. Working on it. Slightly less hang off seems to have fixed it after my track day this Monday.
    I still like to drop my upper body low though.

    I'm not worried about knee down as I'm touching it comfortably (but not consistently) through T2, 4, 6, 9, 10.

    Yes, that's aprox what I'm working on now. But from a little different angle - slightly less hang off.
    Then I'll see how it goes. I'm too used to the low upper body now. But I'm still playing with a few things in that area too.

    Not really, pretty avg, 176cm :)

    I'd love to if it would in VIC and not booked out :)
  12. @Senetor17@Senetor17 yep, booked in, me and one other. Be nice to catch up and say hello
  13. i had the impression you were a tall bloke. dont know why perhaps other pics you were standing next to shorter people ;)
    honda hair pin (4) is a buzz to get a knee down on especially after braking hard after stoner corner. my two days kept getting borked at 9-10 by slower riders. was a real pain in the arse, and i would rather not scare them, next time out will be fast group i think. looking for a decent track bike now. dont really want to push the MV even harder.

    and yeah saw you put tags on the pics, made it easier to picture in my head

    im still pissed that all the photographers go home early, rather disappointing would like a profile shot like yours, but alas it wasn't to be and i know i was god awful slow on day 1 rusty from 3 years out of it
  14. Why are you covering the brake out of T11?
  15. habit, i ride with fingers over the brake is hard to break the habit
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  16. If we can get a group of 6 together we can book one of the garages (included in the fee for the day), that way we'd know that we had a comfortable shady spot for the day. Can also share some resources.
  17. I tend to pit in the open garages - gets a breeze blowing through and not so noisy / busy. Either way though, i'm easy.
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    I have to say that all the credits for the progress in my photos go to @raven@raven (and the credit for all the bad stuff goes only to myself).
    He spend enormous amount of time and effort dealing with my at times idiotic questions and thoroughly mentoring me.

    So if you are a newer riders then I strongly recommend you to find a mentor who would be able to continuously work with you.
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  19. _J9R3380.
    If you look very very quickly I look a lot like Marques.:wacky:

    Easter Creek South Circuit - Toprider Coach and Setup day white group. Think this is turn 8 on the full circuit, T3 on the South?

    Lots of things still wrong. Was my second track day so less overwhelming than the first. Foot position wrong, too static on the bike, braking like a girl. At least I can only improve from here.

    Scheduled for Eastern Creek full circuit 7th Dec and 21 Dec.
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  20. Yeah I get that if I squint hard [emoji12] Marquez only slightly taller
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