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Photo's from End of Mystery Ride 17-10-2008

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Thera, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Thought I'd take some pics. I was hoping to get some on the road, but My camera is a bit unforgiving of the darkness and my inability to hold it without shaking! So, no action shots just some from inside.





  2. and some more!



    The Diner Staff

  3. and the last lot.



    ok, so I am aware I am not the best photographer(Perhaps i am not even mediocre. I'll try and get some pictures in the daylight next time.

    I do have the full size originals, and I'll hold em for a week. If you want one of the above in its 10mp(Probably a little fuzzy) glory... PM me.
  4. Hey great shots, it should give non-participants a feeling for the evening.

    (Good one Marisa :LOL: )

    I'm keen to see goosh's shots from the tunnel :)
  5. Great shots dude. Can I suggest you edit them so no numberplates are showing?
  6. WTF?

    dosent look like there are too many bikes there

    what was the count?
  7. when i get a mo, ill work on that loz.
  8. Well I suppose it is nearly Movember.
  9. Sorry Marz ... movember is coming

    mspaint mo's for everyone!
  10. Fark Ben you crack me up! Busy day at work?
  11. lol loz, i could probably grow that in a month, if the wife would let me.

    Might have to bring the tripod and set up some exposed shots down McCauley road, when its a bit sunnier at the end.

    If i have missed a number plate, im sorry. let me know.

    slick, more were parked towards the work bays then down the front, and down the end opposite the cafe area.
  12. now i dont think it will be good to put the vid up of loz in the tunnel.. can be damaging to his reputation.. :p
  13. Thanks for the pic of my bike but is it the net or are they a bit blurry :)