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Photos from a quick weekend blat.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by TheYak, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. I can't seem to stay off bikes these days. To satisfy the need while holidaying in Scandinavia last month, I decided to rent a bike and take a quick run down to the Alps - hell, they were only 1000-odd km away as the crow flies...and the crow flies slower than a motorcycle.

    Next time, I'll be renting a proper bike - being overtaken on the Autobahn while redlined in 6th is a bit dull, and the tyres didn't inspire confidence, with a few slides out of corners...still managed to spark up the L-plates though, mission accomplished.

    All that aside, a few photos - I think they speak for themselves:


  2. Very nice photo's, beautiful location as well.

    What did you think of the ER-6F haha, good bike?
  3. Lucky bugger. And I'm not a fisherman, but look at those freakin fish in the lake :shock:
  4. ripper pics mate

    Cheers :cool:
  5. Thanks guys.

    ER6f - very decent for what it is. I'm a bit spoilt - but a few thoughts: found the screen shocking for wind blast, had to sit up straight and back in the seat to avoid it. The brakes lacking a lot, but once jammed on they stop OK. The engine a bit asthmatic, but better than a carbied SV650 I've ridden. The riding position is weird, and the tank shape just didn't fit me at all, no way I could grip it with my knees. Did get OK lock in with the outside leg when hanging off though. The tyres were turd, think they were Bridgy BT022, no doubt you'd get mega miles from them though. Once used to the softness of the suspension, it actually worked really well. Fuel economy awesome up to around 180km/h, around 20km/L and better when just cruising - predictably terrible once wound off the clock - fair enough too. Anyway, those are all unfair criticisms as I'm spoilt by my daily rides and really tried to use the bike a fair way outside it's intended usage, it's not a sports bike but yep - still managed to have a ball on it.

    Bonkers, I spotted the trout floating around heading past the lake at a fair pace...breathtakingly clear lakes.

    Have added a few more photos at the end, stuffed up the HTML on the first go.`
  6. Sensational mate! Wish I was there.
  7. purdy...

    i like the photo whith the stream allong the right side of the rd. you must have been seriously close to the edge when you took that
  8. Great pics!!
    Ya lucky bugger
  9. Awesome trip!

    Haha yes, my carburation is... rough! Thats the way I like it :grin: Ok it actually pisses me off alot of the time, but it does make things fun :LOL:

    My short trip on an er6f was very dull, but I guess where you went it wouldn't really matter if you were on a postie, it still wouldn't be that bad :D
  10. beaut looking roads & countryside mate !!
    must feel very odd (even scary) riding on the right hand side of the road though ?
    after stopping somewhere for sightseeing i would probably start riding on the left side of road , just out of habbit ! :shock: :shock: