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Photography Software

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by ralph, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Just getting into photography. What software do people use for editing?

    I have a macbook pro.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Aperture 3 for management and basic editing.
  3. I use Lightroom 3 to do basic editing and organising my photos. It's US$300 so you have to be a little serious.

    Gimp is a very good freeware program for doing more advanced editing.

    There are some simple editing software like Faststone and also Google Picasa is great.
  4. I've got photoshop CS9356578693 or whatever the hell they're up to these days, but photoshop elements will cut it for most peoples use...
  5. That's why Aperture 3 at A$249 is a good choice for Mac users, though the Adobe Elements 8 for Mac might also be a good option at $159
  6. Sorry, Faststone is PC only.

    Aperture is very good too.

    It depends on how serious you are but for simple organising and editing, it's hard to beat Picasa. It does straightening, sharpening, redeye removal, sepia etc. etc. and is very easy to use. I'd start with this and see how you go.

    WHat camera have you got?
  7. cs4(photoshop) and lightroom 3
  8. Photoshop cs5 from work it is awesome!!
  9. I've got CS4, but I've seen the new features of CS5 and I agree with Smee. It looks freakin' awesome.

    Another vote for Picasa here too. I prefer it to CS for cropping and straightening because the preview is better. (As of CS4, that is. Not sure about CS5) And for a freebie it is hard to quibble over the price.
  10. There is also gimp which is free and quite powerful.
  11. +1 for lightroom. I also use Photoshop CS3, but trying to talk myself into CS5 even though I dont need it. Lightroom will do everything you need for the current point in time.

    I have been keen to try apature for sometime, but it wont run on windows, and lightroom will run on mac. Most of my work is done on windows, and mac is just used for downloading and showcasing out and about.
  12. As I don't make any money from my photography I've found it difficult to justify buying expensive software for my post procession, so I use GIMP and find it extremely functional.


    I love it.

  13. I have used gimp before, its not bad. But its chalk and cheese compared to adobe. I also use inkscape for its simplicity, but its got nothing on illustrator. For free, both products are the ducks guts and I recommend both highly.
  14. ... oops. Why did I write post procession? :LOL: That should of course be post processing.

    TRA, regarding the chalk and cheese statement, I'd be interested to hear what it (GIMP) cannot do. What specifically do you find are the differences, and what am I missing out on?

  15. Who pays for software these days :D CS5 is the winner for me
  16. I pay for software if I want to use a commercial product.

    If I don't want to pay for it, I find a free alternative.

    I know how to illegally download software... I've been a network engineer for fifteen years. I know a thing or two about this stuff. I just choose not to do it as I see it as being no different to stealing a loaf of bread from the local milkbar.

    You'd be surprised just how many people do pay for software "these days". Not everybody is a petty Intarweb thief.


    Stealing software isn't difficult, or clever - but I do think it's wrong.
  17. Yep Bill gates never stole software......
  18. Hey - I'm not trying to justify my actions based on the actions of others. Choosing to buy software or find a free alternative is my decision. I don't care what Bill Gates may or may not have done, or Steve Jobs or anyone else.

    Stealing software isn't right - that's just the way it is.

    If people are comfortable stealing it, it's not my place to tell them they shouldn't, that's their decision.

    Goz asked "Who pays for software these days".

    The answer is, plenty of people choose to because they think stealing is wrong. That is all.


    If I decide GIMP doesn't cut it for me at any point (and at this point I haven't), I'll pony up the dough to buy whatever app fills my needs.
  19. Do you even notice your own contradiction?
    On the one hand you say it isn't right thats the way it is (blanket statement telling us all that is is wrong PERIOD, according to who actually?
    Then you say it's not your place to tell them they shouldn't!