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Photography shoot

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by uncle greg, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. _MG_0051.
    hi guys, ive been asked to photograph another nertraiders bike, I thought it would be more economical to shoot a few in the one session so im asking for eoi from anyone who would be interested. im charging $30 per digital image there will be no sitting fee and no obligation to buy yes we can arrange prints as well but price will depend on size I hope to have the shoot in around 3 weeks please post your thoughts cheers black & white test print23 copy.

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  2. ok Saturday 15 march suites the best at the moment, maybe we can meet at Saturday practice and go to the location from there, this will be weather dependent though
  3. Doesn't your brownie box work in the wet?
  4. #4 BottledWater, Feb 28, 2014
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  5. 'brownie' 'box' and 'wet' in the same sentence? Coupled with photography? Man, i hope the AFP aren't tracking this site

  6. :) You realise as a Vendor you have to be respectable now Greg. :rofl: Good Luck with the new venture, I wish you well.
  7. thanks guys grey suites me doesn't it?
  8. Does my bike have to get its gear off and become naked for the photos ?
  9. yes of course
  10. I do actually have a brownie 1913 but I wont be using it on the shoot
  11. my bike has changed a bit since it was last nertraided...
    can i express my interest for some more ?
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  12. sorry guys im going to postpone this for a few weeks ill update soon