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Photography and motorcycling

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Was bored surfing net and found this cool picture on mcnews of the aprilia falco and i thought the photography was really nice.


    looks cool! well i think so anyway...

    anybody else got some cool shots of bikes? i'd love to see

    Also few months ago on an issue of "two" there was a photo of a rider knee down on a track which cause controversy. People thought that the bike was actually stationary and that the rider was not moving, resting the whole of the bike on his knee. They thougtht this cause the photograph taken was made to look still....ie, you could even clearly see the treads on the tyres....even though he was going 100km/h+

    when i go home tonite i'll scan it and post it up for you guys to see
  2. Yeah theres plenty of nice pics on that site.
  3. shame about the lens used in that photo^...
  4. A lot of photographers make the mistake of using a very high shutter speed when shooting motor sport. It does mean that you catch the action but it also 'freezes' it, so the pic looks static.

    Plus 'heads-up' shots of bikes tend to show nearly nothing of it, or the rider.

    Best shots are side on, cranked over, 250th second maxumum speed and pan like crazy! :LOL:
  5. That would be this one ;)

    Great photo huh?
  6. I tried that while at the MotoGP while sitting in Row 2 of Gardner straight. I'm yet to get the film developed yet but MY GOD you have to pan fast. A bike travelling at ~300km/h is bloody hard to pan with :LOL:
  7. I have some very good shots, from the motogp and last years sbk, but I have't got anywhere to put them up for you to look at a few.
    I can send you a couple, if you don't mind a little "copywrite" not in the bottom corners. :)

  8. jgm: if you want me to put them up for you, send them to photos@brycon.com.au and I'll put them on my host and send you the links.

  9. heyy loz you found it! that's a great one you found too!

    yeah i love that one its just really different from the others where you can see the motion.

    aside from biking i also love the tennis and at the aussie open they have the super slow motion videos where you see every muscle in the players body move.........now imagine they could apply that to moto gp? would be interesting!
  10. Here are some links to some of my photos taken at this years motogp and last years sbk, that you might like.


    With a personal "Thank You" to Justin for making some space available.

  11. Wow!

    They are some fabulous shots!

    I'm very keen on photography ;) What gear were you using for those shots?

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. Out of interest... what gear did you use to take those shots?
    I'm guessing something like a ~200-300mm with 1.4/2xTC, but am interested to know. I was using my D70 w/ 70-300mm 'G' and got a couple of decent shots, but few with the clarity of those shots you posted.
  13. Glad you like the photo's :)
    I have a canon 10D Digital SLR, and was using my 400mm Pro Zoom on it. If you download the images, you will be able to look at the EXIF data, for info on the shutter speeds, ISO, and F-Stop settings used in each one.
    All hand-held panning shots, basically.

    If you'd like any more info PM me. :)

  14. Thanks John,

    Nice gear - my brother shoots with a 10D ;)

    I have a D70. :)

    You're right - I should have checked out the EXIF data - I'm lazy :p

    I'll go and do it now ;)
  15. hey jgm thanks for posting those photos up.......no kidding those are truely excellent photos! very clear and the colours are vibrant. i like looking at pics of bikes and i really gotta say those stand out.

    my cousin who's also my housemate is a complete photography nut, i'll be sure to show him your pics
  16. I was shooting in RAW mode...so the originals are not very good photos, by definition of RAW images. And of the 400 or so, that I took, maybe 100 were keepers, with 50 or so top shots after putting them through the "post-processing" I do. :). Straight out of the camera, no digital image is really too good.
    Mind you, it took me a fair while to get my "eye-in" on the panning, given the speeds they wiz past at. :)

  17. Are they full frame shots? No crop?

    I always found that at 300mm i'd rarely be able to pan fast or smooth enough to get a decent shot at ~1/300 so i'd step it back to about 200mm (1.6x crop of D70) and then just crop the image in postprocessing.

    Given that the MotoGP last year was the first time i'd ever shot bikes at those speeds before i thought i did a decent job. I looked back through my shots for the day and the start was average... and by the end i had significantly increased my keeper rate. :wink: :grin:
  18. ...1.5x ;)

    The same for all of Nikon's DSLR CCD Sensors.

    The Canon DSLR CMOS sensors have a 1.6x cropping factor.
  19. That one is my pick of the bunch, I love the heat shimmer above the pipes, magnificent photo.

    Brilliant work!
  20. Very true ;) The Xerox shot is simply outstanding!