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Photographing for sale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ljcoolio, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. I'm thinking of selling my bike privately. Other than taking 'nice' shots of your bike, are there certain parts of a bike that need to be shown to give information that will encourage people to buy with confidence or be impressed by your bike. Some adverts I've seen online show integral parts of bikes and others seem to show the bike in nice scenery but nothing up close. Apologies if I'm in wrong section

  2. Up close or high res is desirable. People want to see details, particularly of any notes damage or to the contrary to highlight a lack of it.
    If you have any stand out accessories or modifications, detailed images of those things will be of interest to genuine buyers.

    I have in the past made videos showing the condition and showing the car/bike running from dead cold (put my hand on exhaust headers in video to show cold) and then going for a ride/drive. It really gives confidence to any remote buyer.

    If your bike is immaculate, show it. Those who post distant, low res, or carefully staged images (think showing only 1 side of bike but not mentioning any damage) only make buyers more wary and it can even just turn a prospective buyer away to the next listing.
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  3. Hide any negatives in the photos and you'll just get a stream of non-purchasers wasting your time.
  4. Thanks good ideas makes sense
  5. Ok thx no point hiding something that may affect sale
  6. You will always get time wasters, just ignore the first two people who respond to your ad.
  7. You're already a glorified photographer for your day job so you should be fine :p ( I am too so I can say that right?)
    But seriously when selling I always take pics from all around, make sure it's in good light (overcast day is best). Closeups of any accessories. Show front and rear tyre. I usually take one of the dash with K's evident. And of course make sure it's sparkling clean. Good idea as others have mentioned to show any damage if there is any.
  8. Agree with the video, videoing from cold starting worked wonders when I sold a boat. Guy saw the vid I YouTube linked into the gumtree ad and came and bought boat for asking price. Said the video really swayed him. Worth the effort.
  9. Lucky I didn't do that with my Pajero or my WR400, might not have sold it otherwise because on both occasions, the first to enquire about them bought them.

    Ignore time wasters based on their demeanour, questions or lack thereof and their reluctance to come and see it in person or have it inspected. What you may get, is plenty of idiots, like dealer buyers (for late model and popular models) who will only be interested if they can get it for peanuts. They usually only contact you to make stupid offers over the phone or via email and if you don't accept, they don't go any further. They have no intention of coming to look at it unless it is at their peanut price.
  10. I found that sellers who took a photo of the VIN plate on the frame saved me some wasted journeys after I discovered the bike was a 'repairable write off'. Both times the bikes were in excellent condition with low milage.
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  11. Your allowed thanks for the info
  12. Hey ljcoolioljcoolio

    I've agree with taking good quality photos, of a clean bike, showing all the possible angles.

    The only bike I've ever advertised on the net was photographed at a lookout, as I thought a nice background would help.

    I priced it reasonably, got a call within 3-4 days and sold it to the 1st and only caller before the week's end.

    That's my experience, from earlier in the year.
  13. Thx for that I guess it's good to help them picture the places they might go on your bike but also show enough detail of the bike itself to make it seem like a good buy as well
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