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Photographers at Race & Track days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Garfield, May 27, 2010.

  1. Yeh I did a full day at Broadford for them at a race school. Sent them all the full resolution images on disk and never heard a thing back. Had all my contact details on the cover etc. Quite a few NR there as well, think many of you got my pics.
    PLenty of images on my facebook though.
    Wonder if you could put my name there Garfield?
    Melbourne Streets Photography.
    Cheers mate.
  2. Got a link, fastR1red?
  3. Sydney needs more photographers at the creek.. Once in a blue moon the one guy ot there gets a cracker of me :(

  4. any idea how they get the gig?, id be up for it
  5. Different organising clubs/promoters have different ways of accepting media accreditation.
    For the larger events, ie international or national, you need to apply for creditation well before the event and be a bona fide "professional".
    With track days and club race meetings, it is good form to contact the organiser of the event first. Some have preferred photographers etc, some do not. If you are selling your photos, some may ask for a commission.
    When you arrive at the track, you must sign an idemnity form and notify the organiser/race secretary of your attendance, before commencing work.
    The clerk of course/track control/chief marshal will then instruct you where or where not you may go. If it is your first time, please tell them and they will offer additional instructions.
    Bring your own high viz vest/sunscreen hat etc!
    Good luck!
  6. Some good info there Garfield, thanks
  7. If I'm a complete amateur, don't want commision, and just want practice, I could just call then rock up?
  8. Some people do that at club & track days!!!
    The organiser then has a duty of care to make sure the person s aware of where they can go, what to do or not do, if they are near to an incident etc etc.
    Many photographers at race tracks do it for the love.
    Corner marshals also often have cameras. Great way to be up real close to the action!
    If anyone is interested in giving it a try, the best way is to become a corner marshal or "pair up" with a friendly experienced photographer.
    Can help out here, in introducing you to someone, mainly in VIC, NSW, SA & QLD, road or dirt.
  9. Prob give it a crack in November on a few nice days. No time right now - or money - or awakeness...

    *yawn* "BOOOOOM... Zzzzzz" (head hitting desk... sleeping)

  10. i suppose at the creek, u could sit in the stands and take photos, id rather up close corner shots, i will look into it a bit further
  11. Nah, I wanna be close :) Thanks goz!
  12. If you want close, then go to Wakefield Park in Goulburn. You can pretty well reach out and touch the litre bikes as they wheelie past you on the straight. Corner positions too and all without having to be infield.
  13. Decent lens and camera equipment and you get results like these at the superbikes.





    I wasn't too close but not too far and this was in the spectator area at PI
  14. I don't have equipment THAT good!
  15. I cover a fair bit of the local road racing/mx events up here in the cairns region basically had a chat to the secretary of the clubs,explained what I wanted to do sell the photos to mum/dads/riders etc they don`t ask commission but may ask for a photo every now and then for website/promos

    You will need a high vis bib or shirt if you want to be in the in field
  16. Smee, awesome photos!