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Photographers at Nasho

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by jalalski, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Do you know the photographers who were taking photos at Nasho today? Do they have a website or a FB page?
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  2. I was there today with my car club on a cruise. That guy was scaring all of our members cause at first glance they thought he was HWP with a radar gun
  3. I can understand that - it is a bit disconcerting :LOL:
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  4. oh btw apparently I heard there was another car club cruise today where a guy crashed & a bunch of riced hondas were doing stupid skids, that wasn't my club.

    Our event was under Skylines Australia, was CAMS approved & anybody who does something reckless at our events knows they will be reported to police :)
  5. Well done Lisa, excellent find and I like the pic. I think it's the first time I see a pic of myself riding ;)

    Sorry that he didn't get a pic of you.

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    That's exactly what I thought when I was closing in on him on the bike but I think he was wearing a bright t-shirt, so I realised I was "safe" LOL :)

    There was another photographer out there as well in a different spot just before Bald Hill (I think). Trying to find him now.
  7. I emailed him and he does have a pic of the scoot - just not up with the others
  8. Need to get your knee down on the 15KMH corner toward Bald Hill.
  9. WombleWomble - working towards it!!! Clint said I came close to it on one of my corners today :happy:
  10. It was my first time doing a nasho run today, I definitely want to give it a go now on my bike :)
  11. You won't regret it mate. It was my playground when I was on my Ls and I still can't get enough of it.
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  12. Yo-YoYo-Yo - definitely a fun run - you also need to try the robber's dog at Bald Hill!!!!
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  13. Excellent. By the way, was that the 2nd photographer we saw today? I think the first one was earlier on just before the Waterfall turn-off to the right...correct? I can't remember now.
  14. jalalskijalalski - yep this guy is the second one - just before we got to Bald Hill - can't remember exactly where the first guy was now
  15. Found the 1st guy :)


    The 2nd photographer said it was his mate.

    It seems I was his first pic for today :)
  16. Both of those guys are friends of mine.
    John and Dan. Dan used to be a member here but no longer.
    If you can't contact him from his new nashopics site, let me know and I'll pm you his Facebook account details.
  17. jalalskijalalski thanks for that - nice shot of you!! - emailed the 2nd photographer and he sent us the other low res images that he took - maybe email him to see if he has more of you -he had 4 of me and 7 of Clint - from both directions
  18. TWEETTWEET - thanks for that :happy:
  19. Welcome. :)
    I play with cameras too ;) image. image.