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photographer rights

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by para, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. If anyone is interested there is a rally been organized by famous landscape tog ken duncan http://vimeo.com/12963992.

  2. Sounds more like a whinge than a legitimate protest.
    What's stopping people from taking photos from different areas?
    If I were to photograph there the last place I would choose was any viewing platform.
  3. Not just uluru etc evan happens on the cairns esplanade need a permit at a cost to photograph there evan if you don`t want exclusive use,when they 1st started charging a tourist was asked not to photograph around the esplanade with out a permit.
    Has calmed down a bit,but if any of my wedding clients want wedding shots around the esplanade need a permit with out exclusive use,could understand if they wanted it taped off etc
  4. On one hand, they are taking photos in and of a public space, which is there for everyone's enjoyment. A lot of these photographers may be seeking to profit or some how otherwise benefit from those photos.

    But then there are tourists, on the other hand who just want to enjoy the photo for them self, in effect just taking part in the enjoyment of the public space.

    If the land is a public area, where you don't need permission to enter it, but the law provides power to regulate 'use' of the land, it would be interesting if this went to court.

    Can 'use' of land extend to taking photos, which does not in any way involve natural concepts of land 'use'. It's 'enjoyment' entirely physically separated from the land itself beyond the initial entrance into the property and crossing the boundary marker into the zone over which authority is exercised.

    Very interesting indeed...
  5. Not knowing the ins and outs of cairns plaza is it not private property?
    The owners can then impose whatever conditions they like within the premises.
    Southgate tried to pull that stunt down here and were howled down by the traders as they were directly affected through the projected drop in tourism.
    There are still signs up but no one acts on them.