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Photocromatic sunglasses - Fuglies

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Just purchased some. ill let you know when i get them.
  2. Don't know about their photochromics but I have a pair of their smoke sunnies and I'm more than happy with them although I can't comment on their helmet friendliness as I haven't owned a helmet since getting them but they seem to have the qualities favourable in frames that are.
  3. In my experience photochromic lenses do not reach their full tint behind a visor or windshield
  4. I've got the uglyfish photochromatic and love them.
    They cut out enough glare to be very effective even through the visor.
  5. Open Face helmet - FTW
  6. +1 I agree with the sweet sweet warrior, plus this little biscuit will not ride at night sans Uglyfish low light (yellow tint) lenses.
  7. I'd suggest folks get some experience wearing yellow tints off the bike before riding with them because I used to wear them in an industrial setting and the tint coupled with motion tended to make me a touch motion sick which is something I don't normally suffer.

    Now I'm not suggesting in any way that I'm the norm (far from) or that Rattus is incorrect (even more far from) I'm just saying my piece because I'd hate for someone to spend the cash only to find their eyes are like mine and then place the blame on someone else's suggestion.
  8. Sounds cool! Im curious now...

    The fuglies cost me 80$ total so i wont be getting anything soon.

    Long story short though i wanted the photocromic ones so i could ride in any light. Day or night.