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Photochopped or new R1?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, Aug 4, 2005.

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  2. ^ Try that then. ^

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  3. Better...Not photoshopped but not real. 3d rendered image. Look at the tail piece it gives it away a bit.
  4. Tank looks like photochop, the rest looks kosher
    How good is the mate??? Winding you up?
  5. It's apparently doing the rounds in Japan. People aren't really sure either way.
  6. the pillion peg brackets look somewhat dodge, but other than that, that sure as shit looks plausible.
  7. You shouldn't ever believe it these days until you see it in the showroom. Half of the "2006" bikes that you see in AMCN are actually artist's impressions of what they "could" look like. It's so easy to do that now.

    That said, many of the "impressions" end up being very close to what comes out so one wondeers if the factories aren't doing a bit of pre-release kite-flying to see the market's reaction.

    Couldn't say one way or the other with this one, but I do agree that tailpiece looks a little "cooked".
  8. Looks comfy to 8) 8)
  9. Must be photoshopped then! :LOL:
  10. Yeah noticed that myself. The indicators and even the headlight are very B-King-ish
  11. For yamaha's sake i hope its a gee-up. That thing is uuuuuuuug-ly.
  12. That image is DEFINITELY a photochop... but there may be truth in it.
    There's a couple of little tell-tale signs (or what appear to be) around the headlight section... including the reflection in the inner headlights doesn't quite look right. There's a few point that to me look like they've received a dodge & burn to get it to match up with the rest of the panelling; and some colour's just aren't quite right.

    BUT in the end - looks quite nice i must admit.
  13. Photochopped no doubt. The plastic is a dead give away

    Cheers 8)
  14. It's a real bike. But they've done a sh1tload of cleaning up the image in Photoshop. Unsharp mask and the like. (trust me, I'm a professional.)
  15. I hate people who are good at photo-chop ....... because I'm NOT!!!
  16. OK, we've agreed that it's digitally altered, the question is, was it done by the manufacturer, and is it what next years R1 will look like?
  17. That's the REAL question, isn't it? If it's a fake, who did it and are Yamaha listening? And if it's real, is it the 2006 model, a 2007 model or a show teaser, like the first (new) Monaro was? :?
  18. Probably done by some bored 6 y/o in Tokyo. It does'nt look real professional to me. Too blocky. I do some gag chopping here at work and my results have been at least as good. (gee the boss gets a flogging :LOL: )

    Never believe anything on the net. (including this)

    There is no such thing as paranoia. Just a heightened state of awareness.