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Photo Location Ideas (sydney south)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kingy, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    my wife's friend is doing a photographer course and one of her assessment is " Get a photo of a vehicle in not straight blue sky".. she wants my bike and wants to do it with a Graffiti wall or burnt out car in the back ground....

    now i know i have opened myself to sleggers telling me suburbs that are run down and dodgy trust me i know all of them.. in fact i live in one of them lol...

    Anyone know of a quite location that might have a graffiti wall located either Sutherland Shire or Wollongong area ???? ...

    thanks for your help guys :angel:
  2. There's a tonne of graffiti near the Surry Hills/Redfern area, heaps of back alleys with full wall to wall artsy stuff, lots of them are talented as hell (some less so, 4 feet penis' are common sight). Ask her to try some high vantage points, griffiti tightly cropped on top, bike 1/3 from the top, and the bottom 2/3 gritty back street preferably wet (bucket to the rescue), good combination of contrast.

    Whatever she ends up doing, let's have a look when it's done :)
  3. yeh for sure i plan to post them up when its done.....

    just unsure of areas to get it done... you say Redfern ???? do i have to take my wheels off my bike before i park it ??? and should i bring a case of Metho to bribe the locals to leave us alone ???.
  4. Uni of Sydney near abouts streets, a few blocks radius has some excellent ones.
    Perhaps stop over at 7/11 for a few bags of lollies for protection, don't get the cheapo brands, they know...
  5. Is there somewhere you could stop with the escarpment in the background (at sunrise?). Pity there's not enough space to pull over on the sea cliff bridge.

    I know it's not graffiti, just a thought....
  6. still good idea tho and i will pull over i dont care.. lol
  7. she just sent me a text saying a graffiti wall maybe a bit hard so try either cliff face, beach dirt track .... anyone know of a good photo shoot spot south of sydney and Wollongong region ???? we don't want it to be busy
  8. go to WIN stadium, thats a crappy run down place thats falling apart :D
  9. There is a graffiti wall along heathcote road, near picnic point I believe. I think it's off on the dirt tracks somewhere there.

    A bit north of there, there are several art walls along the m5 east corridor around kingsgrove rd - possibly further east. It's mainly a walk/bike path and the walls are next to tunnels that go under the motorway. Also if your extra sneaky, there's plenty on the walkway under the new wonnie bridge. You'll have to get onto footpath at the lights at top of bonnet bay. You may be able to get onto it from the road down to woronora from the eastbound direction, I can't remember. Also worth checking out gong/shire skate ramps, I know menai has some good stuff on it - or did at least.

    For burnt out cars Kurnell or Helensburgh area should suit perfectly.
  10. sounds awesome Parker.. I am orginally from the shire but just moved down to the gong 2 weeks ago.. my wifes friend she lives in loftus so if i have to come up to her thats fine... Lilley unreal my misses works in Bonnet bay i will get her to suss that out on her lunch break
  11. Around and in the Technology Park/Old railway sheds at Redfern there are a lot of great locations. Old brick walls, rusty boilers, modern buildings and graffiti.
    Stuff like this:
  12. Looks like they've removed the graffiti

  13. Parker might have to go make my own lol... mind you i struggle drawing a stick figure lol...

    WOW BanzaiElise that looks awesome...
  14. I just spoke to another mate which gave me some great leads but i cant get my bike into any of them darn it...

    Abandoned Rozelle Tram Depot

    Abandoned Dunlop Factory
  15. Those photos above are pretty good imo.
  16. he said its near Alexandra in Sydney.... he also said when they where there last someone was pushing a sportsbike into that warehouse for photos.. so a bike can get in.....

    ahhh the old Burg tunnels lol i know them well... spent most of my teen yrs causing ruckus down there