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Photo blocker

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by scooter, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Amazing what people will do if they think no-one is watching!
  2. Yeah I'm sure that guy just drives with his leg over his number plate all the time, not just past speed cameras. :roll: :LOL:
  3. Sorry, I thought the guy was an amputee, didn't notice the foot in place over the plate! Then again, maybe he's a circus gymnast and he likes to keep in shape while he's riding!
  4. Not a bad effort for a learner IMO.
  5. The top photo's a classic! :LOL:
  6. Reading this then looking at the picture again has just made it a lot more funnier! :LOL:
  7. Arhhh I love it, funny stuff :LOL: I don't think i would be able to get my foot back that far. Probably do myself some damage :wink:
    How i wish i was young again :roll:
  8. C'mon guys, haven't we ALL done some gymnastics like the top guy to relieve the boredom and aches and pains on a long trip??

    *looks around....nobody's putting their hand up.....whoops,....sneaks away to the corner, very embarrassed.*
  9. im too short to get my leg over
  10. The dude in the top photo almost looks like a cop.