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Phone scam, today 2/3/2011 Australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Rogues, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. 2/3/2011

    Hi people,......... thought this worthwhile giving everyone a heads-up.... hope everyone see it here, tucked down the bottom in the lonely section

    Just got a phonecall from some indian fellow (isnt that always the way).... claiming he was from tech services australia assisting microsoft customers............. claimed there had been numerous complaints about slow computer access/emails in my locality.

    He endeavoured to really clarify that this was not a sales call and that he was merely phoning to help....

    firstly he wanted me to click] on the little Microsoft' icon on the keyboard (maybe to confirm that I was running wndows)....... questioned whether the drop down (RUN) text box appeared (once again confirming for both of us that this was a Microsoft issue, and that he knew what he was doing..............

    Then he wanted me to type in 'EVENTVWR' and [click] ok to run this program........... at that point I got the wind up bigtime ( I was already dubious) and told him in no uncertain terms that I was not going to run any programs while connected to the Internet that he was pressing me to do so.... and that I had no knowledge of his authority or bonafides other than his say-so..........

    I ended the call....... to him still persisting on the other end that all was good/ legal and compulsory etc, etc.....

    I googled this 'eventvwr' and google produced enough info to confirm it is a scam of some kind so thought I'd warn all and sundry

    Suggest pass this on people..........its not new but its the first I've heard of it

    Regards, Chris
  2. I had that call during the January school holidays. I actually took it a bit further until they wanted me to download some software that would fix the errors. Now the software is free but there is an annual registration fee..... Yeah p1ss off d1ckhead and I ended the call.
  3. Sounds like he wanted you to see that there were errors in eventvwr, since will there always are, to make you think they are serious errors and therefore be ok with downloading / buying something to fix it.
  4. +1, got one of those in January.
    If you go to the do not call site, they mention this scam & several others that are doing the rounds.

    Don't care who's calling but if there is an Indian accent on the other end I hang up pretty much straight away
  5. I got that call in the middle of last year. I picked it as a scam immediately (I'm on a Mac) so asked him some questions in return. I pressed for a contact phone number so I could report him but he obviously got wise and just hung up.
  6. What a shit scam..... the smarter guys just make website ad's/malware that tell you your infected and to download their anti-virus.

    They ask you for ~$50 for the application. They end up with $50 off the bat and your credit card details. This is a much better scam, as it requires 0 effort once in place and it actually works too (i have had to repair machines where this sort of stuff has been present).

  7. Eventvwr is the shortcut to bring up the Windows Event Viewer. It's a standard Microsoft Management Console program and has the .MSC file extension. It in itself isn't a problem, but you were probably on #3 of a script whereby whatever is reported in there as a reason why you must then download a program to fix the 'problem'.
  8. This is a very common scam, someone at work got targeted by them recently. See this thread on whirlpool, they have been at it for years - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1154534

    Some of them will try to get you to pay money for bogus software, or they will ask you to allow them to login to your system remotely (allowing them to install malware)
  9. My wife and I have had several attempts at this. We ask who his company is and who he represents, and then what the name of his supervisor is, so we can call back, and strangely, the call gets disconnected. I had one who tried to tell me he worked for Windows. ("You work for Microsoft?" "No, I work for windows - you know, windows on your computer.") I asked him what the street address was of the building he worked in. I had to ask several times because he didn't seem to quite understand the question. Then we got disconnected.
  10. They tried on me, i made like i was doing everything they asked :p.

    P.S. Event viewer itself isnt a scam, its a legit MS program... (just in case anyone doubts from the initial post).
  11. they tried this on with one of the staff at one of the schools; he's a very direct sort of bloke, and his response was torrid, to say the least :LOL:!
  12. I've had this call as well, about 4 months ago.

    My computer has a Windows key, but I've been on Linux for a while. Best thing you can do to them is mess around with them for a as long as you can. If one in fifty people fall for it, make sure the other 49 take them days to get through.
  13. I fak'n hate scammers with a passion. If I ever meet one in real life........pow!!! Straight to the moon! =D>
  14. microsoft have issued a warning on their website


  15. I prefer the "keep them going as long as you can" suggestion above - can't wait til they try my house....
  16. They're still at it. Tried me again. Could barely make out what the guy was saying, such a think Indian accent.

    Thought they would f found a new one by now.
  17. You might be better off with an American chap then, the land of the free is heading towards becoming the land of the call centers :p.

  18. Not with this particular scam but the longest ive held someone on the other end trying to sell me stuff was 20 minutes.........stupid investment garbage never called me again after that lol
  19. I too was called a few times. The last call I just played dumb and at the end of his introductory "Microft" rant I just offered him to fix the problem no matter what it cost. I offered to tell him my credit card numbers, security codes and pin numbers to all my accounts, or send him as much money as it takes. I then asked if he would like full access to my PC so he could do whatever he wanted!

    The bloke was stunned I don't even know whether he knew what I was 'offering'!! I had to repeat the 'offer' several times until I got bored, told him to eat a cow & hung up!

    I did get one more call a couple of hours later & again, after the initial 'Microsoft' intro I commented on how amazing Microsoft is to detect problems on my PC....seeing it is an Apple! This time he hung up!
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    Best way to deal with them