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Phone number on keys

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbie55, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Found some keys left on a bike yesterday parked near central. Left a note for the owner and also found on the keys a keyring to local healthclub that had a message like "if you find these keys please call xxx-xxxx". Called the number and followed them up a few hours later and they said they had left a voicemail message for the owner. As I had to leave at 5pm I left the keys with a local convenience store. Came back this morning and the bike is still there although looks like someone has tried to move it, note is gone yet still no call or message from the owner.

    Called police assistance line who checked to make sure it wasn't stolen but said they couldn't call the owner. They told me to go to the local cop shop and they would/could do so from there, so I collected the keys this morning from the convenience store and took them up.

    My thoughts are that the healthclub does not have their current phone number and that either the note has been taken by someone else or maybe blown off in the wind. Its not stolen so why else hasn't the owner called?

    Seems that there is no good reason why you shouldn't have your mobile number on your keys yet this doesn't seem to be a standard thing - before I put my number on mine does anyone know why not?
  2. Found the keys to a nice triumph in on position in manly one day. Took em out, left a note and went to local cop shop and they called owner.

    I was also in an accident and the cops called me about it, so they have no probs in ringing.

    I also have my mobile on keys.
  3. I have always had my mobile number on my keys - and twice I have lost them and people have called me about an hour later to tell me they have them
  4. I have my mobile on my keys and have had no issues, once I lost them and they returned. Got them some chocolates for doing the right thing as it saved me a lot of hassle.
  5. Yeah I didn't really think about it till I couldn't get in touch with the owner, then wondered if your phone number could somehow be used to find your home address or something and make it not such a good idea. Thought thats why a lot of keyrings from stores etc ask you to contact them rather than just having the owners personal number on it.
  6. only if you have a reverse phone directory.
  7. Which is illegal in Australia.

    If you were really worried change your address on your mobile bill to your work address and put on email billing.
  8. Leave your number on your key ring... only to find some punk rings you to let you know they are taking your bike / car / house. :)

    hmmm maybe I'm a little too cynical.
  9. Maybe but whether you had your number on your keys or not your bike/car is taken anyway.

    At least by putting your number on it you get a chance to swear at them. Oh and if they are stupid enough call from their mobile the cops can track it.
  10. "Oh and if they are stupid enough call from their mobile the cops can track it. "

    ....yes but would they???? someone more cynical would suggest because there was no addition to their weekly/monthly quota or revenue in it they wouldn't have the time......
  11. Robbie55, Kudos to you for looking after the interests of a fellow rider.
    Good on you mate.
  12. Is it really illegal in Australia?
    I would like to think so.

    Wondering how does this mob get away with it.

    A search on my phone number revealed that they have my details.
    And "No Sir, I don't like it."
  13. Scary, never knew about that site.
    Even if you're not listed, it'd be easy to find your name by calling the number. You usually say your name in your voicemail message, or just when you answer the phone. From a name, an address can usually be found (not good if you've got your house key on the keyring)
  14. That's not a reverse phone book, since they don't have every number (mine's not listed and yet it is in the phone book).

    Probably means they bought your details off some other company you've dealt with, which is often perfectly legal. I know service providers certainly sell personal details to third parties.
  15. It doesnt work for me.

    Anyway it does appear that my information is out of date and it might or might not be illegal. Telstra had sued a company for using the white /yellow pages data which they owned and won, but it appears that someone has extracted it from another source, therefore no copyright law break. There is still a question over privacy which has not yet been tested with the privacy commissioner.

    More information here


    I guess that means you shouldn't put your number on your keys unless you change your details for where your phone statement goes to (and wait for the data to update). Or maybe put your best friends number on it.
  16. I'm going to put my number on my keys this week - brilliant idea!
  17. They have our details too and I don't like it either. How do we find out who runs this site? I would like a name, number and address for them. I might like to pay them a visit.
  18. Report them to the privacy commissioner, they might test the law if they get a lot of complaints.
  19. Domain Name: personlookup.com.au
    Last Modified: 31-Aug-2010 04:22:57 UTC
    Registrar ID: Aust Domains
    Registrar Name: Aust Domains
    Status: ok
    Registrant: NICOL, ANDREW KEVIN
    Registrant ID: ABN 46588646742
    Eligibility Type: Sole Trader
    Registrant Contact ID: R-000804266-SN
    Registrant Contact Name: Andrew Nicol
    Registrant Contact Email: a.k.nicol@me.com
    Tech Contact ID: C-000871394-SN
    Tech Contact Name: Andrew Nicol
    Tech Contact Email: a.k.nicol@me.com
    Name Server: ns1.softlayer.com
    Name Server: ns2.softlayer.com
  20. Yet his details cannot be found via means of his own website.