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phone calls you dont like to get

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Phanoongy, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. I just got a one of them phone calls you hope you never get, from the sounds of it a possible drunk driver trying to get away from the police, ran into the back of my sisters car! She was coming home from the holiday home at Aireys Inlet. From what ive been told it was as she was heading threw Geelong, slowing for a red light
    She has to stay in hospital for a check up for at least 4 hours, as she had a bit of whiplash from the crash
    My father seems to think her car (a few month old Toyota echo) is a write off….

  2. hope she ok, only minor injuries at worst
  3. mmmmmmmm fuggen lovely :evil:

    good to hear she's ok, she's done better than a lot of others out there that have met with drunks on the road :?
  4. I'm glad that it sounds like she is physically OKish and hope that emotionally/psychologically it doesn't weight her down. Hope you're doing well in the later as well.
  5. Hope she's ok, you're right about the phone call you never want to get but a worse call could have been forthcoming! Remember why we are taking part in the "Ride for Justice" tomorrow!
  6. some people are just dick heads
    it makes you wish the coppers would give them a good beating and a bullet instead of taking them to court .

    i hope your sister has a speedy recover and that they hang this bastard.

    we ban tabacoo advertising in sport and stop people smoking in the open , but continue to let idiots drink and get behind the wheel .
    and thats excepable ?
  7. fo snizzle!

    Hope she's all good and not to traumatised by it all.

    Hope the drunken what not get some good country cop treatment as well!
  8. thanks people, my father was ment to be bringing her home if every thing was OK, they did not come home But im thinking they just went back to Aireys Inlet as the dog would still be down there and i think she would get a tad upset if she did not get her food for a day....i hope to here more later today

    i hate drink drivers so bad...after all how hard is it to say...im going to drink tonight....so i will have make plans to get to and from an event that dose not need me to be driving
  9. I was at a wedding on the 16th Oct and got a call. My girlfriends family had been in an accident on the Princes Hwy, in Pakenham (it was on the news). There was her 2 brothers and a cousin in the car, following their parents to another cousins engagement party, when a Drunk driver came across from on coming traffic and collected them head on. The drunk driver was going 160km and lost control.

    The boys were all taken to hospital and are now recovering (at home). One has a gash on his leg, the other a broken collar bone and ribs and the other (the cousin) got out of hospital only last weekend after major surgery on his stomach and bladder.

    The worst thing about it is, the parents were just missed by the drunk driver and all turned around to see their sons get hit head on. They pulled over and ran back to the car, not knowing what they would find.

    I recently heard the drunk driver has head injuries, a broken back and shattered legs and has lost an ear.

    Even though it wasnt my family, but my girlfriends, we all went through some traumatic times seeing the boys and images of the car. We raced home the next day and the whole family were still hysterical waiting for the news on the cousin in surgery.

    So Phanoonogy, I sort of know how it feels and it sucks. Dont even ask me what I think of the drunk driver.
  10. Hey Phanoonogy, I hope your sis is well and safe.

    And Jimi, what a shocking thing to go through. I hope everyone recovers quickly.
  11. Sorry to hear the news, but am glad she will be OK.
    Let's hope the driver cops it big time for this!
  12. Holy crap!! I'm gald your sister is ok. I hope the bastard gets what they deserve!!!

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. Hi Phanoongy,

    I am glad that your sister is OK. It's a shame about the car but it did its job well and someone else should be paying for a replacement.

    Best wishes
  14. Glad to hear your sis is ok, grrr, these blasted drink drivers.
  15. sorry to hear that mate,some drivers r bloody sh!t
    hope ur sis will have a quick recovery
  16. Holy cow Justin I hope your Sister is alright!
    Keep us updated please!?
  17. hope she is ok mate and the ar**hole that hit her gets the book thrown at him...
  18. Thanks for all your support, my sister Kerryn will be getting a brand new car to replace it as it’s under a year old (well it would have been replaced in the 1st 2 years….. From the sound of it if she had any one on the back seat, they would have been dead....... as the 4wd was doing about 150 KPH just a little bit up the road when it past a cop car. She is home and a tad on the stiff side, from the sounds of it she has a few burses and a cut in the back of her head (we can’t work out what did this though)
  19. Glad everything is OK. A bit of group therapy on here helps to get through these things.
  20. glad to hear she is ok
    farkin drunk drivers
    be good to let them have their own road, so they can all smash and kill only themselves
    but then it punishes their families
    cant win