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Phone call from me Mum.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. "I was just on my way to work. Picture this. Wet road, bit of hail, heavy traffic. A female postie pulls up at the front of the lights, and when the light turns green, she drives off doing a wheel stand. She looked very happy with herself. For some reason it made me think of you."

    I'm still giggling.

  2. Very good! Great mum you've got there. Somehow I don't think my mum would have called me!
  3. Weeeellll... I should expand on it:

    "Haha! Excellent! Those postie bikes aren't easy to wheelie! Did it make you smile?"

    "No, it made me think of you."
  4. :rofl: oh that is priceless!!
  5. :rofl:

    Thats classic...
    Liked the additional mammy comments too...bless her
  6. (Likely) Phone call from MY mum:

    "There was a man killed on a motorcycle just down the road from Albion Park yesterday, and I was just ringing to find out if it was you?" :roll:
  7. *ring ring
    "Hello darling! How are you? Have you sold that bike yet....?"

    *Conversation usually deteriorates into how she knew ssooooooooooo many people who died/lost limbs/stubbed toe on motorcycles when she was young (I then point out all the wrong things they were doing and that it was prior to the mandatory RTA testing/MOST).
  8. She waited a day?

    Mum; Matti are you still riding that bike?
    Me; Yep
    Mum; Oh I wish you didn't you know how your father feels about it? :roll:

    Dad; Matti you still riding that bike?
    Me; Yep
    Dad; Oh I wish you didn't you know how your mother feels about it, oh how fast have you been on it? Can you do wheelies? oh shit here comes mum, now son I don't like you on this thing buy a bloody car will you!
  9. Ever since my mum backed into the gum tree in the front yard I have taken exactly no notice of her driving tips.
  10. My folks don't even know I have a bike yet.

    Keeps me forever fearful of the pop around visit. But endlessly entertains my friends who love to view my latest attempts of disguising the bike in the garage.
  11. hahahahh good one Loz! :LOL:

    Me; Hey mum, ive been thinking about getting my bike licence...
    Mum; Oh you're so cute Jamie.. imagine you on a bike hehe

    2 weeks later

    Me; MUM! Oh my god im soooo excited i just bought a bike and ill be riding it everyday to and from work...
    Mum; WHAT???? Nup no way.. How can you go out and ride a bike and let me sit here panicked, worried... i cant have that,... Why cant you just buy a car?

    5 Months later

    Me; Mum, my licence is suspended for 2 months for speeding
    Mum; Oh Jamie... you little bike girl you... do you need some money to help pay the fine?

    WHAT THE?!?!?!? Does anyone see problem with this??? lol :? :LOL:
  12. I was too distracted by your avatar....
  13. Hahaha typical male lol... :p
  14. Typical PIRATE, thankyou very much...
  15. phone call from MY dad on Monday:

    dad "hey, I was just down at Bolton's Kawasaki & they've given me a pretty good trade in price on my bike for a kwaka z1000. I told them Honda World gave be a better price on the Hornet 900 and I'd think about it. I'm going to call Honda World and ask what price they can give me & tell em Bolton's offered me a better price. Then I'll test ride em both on the weekend & choose one this week"

    me "dad, it's awesome you want a naked bike..but mum hates you having the one you've got!! are you going to get in trouble over this?"

    dad "probably. i'll just rock up on the new bike & say "suprise" then she can't do anything about it. Keep your spare room ready though just in case she goes mental"
  16. Phone call from dad:

    Dad: Im booking you in to get your P's next week, ill let you know what day.

    Me: Thanks dad what brought that on?

    Dad: Your L plate looks shit and i want to book us both in for an advanced rider training program later on in the year.

    Me: Your awesome, thanks mate.

  17. :rofl: I kinda had a similar experience.
    I asked to borrow a little cash off of them when i was 18 to buy a bike. However Mum hated the idea and so Dad (owning 22 bikes in his time) said no, get a car first and some experience under your belt with road awareness then we'll talk. SO i saved my pennies and bought a car without borrowing a cent, then drove that for nearly 12 months and between that saved my pennies again, got my bike licence and bought a bike.

    DAD rode my bike home from where i bought it from, DAD test rode it when we were checking it out and about 2 weeks after having it at home i got back from work to find it missing.....in a panic i ran inside and yelled out "Where's my bike??" to which my mother mother replied "Your father has taken it too tennis, look what you've done, i think he's got the riding bug again".

    :LOL: Needless to say he borrowed it half a dozen other times after that. If he hadn't been busy getting all his pilot certs and getting up flying hours he would have bought another bike by now.
  18. im sure that pirate is Le Chuck from Monkey Island??
  19. You know it!! :grin:
    It was a toss up between GIR or Chuck when I joined the forum...Chuck won cause he looks happier :grin:
  20. Dad: Be careful
    Me: I will.
    Dad: Good. I don't want to lose my riding partner.


    I love my dad.