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PhoenixRZNG's M109R

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Rolkus, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Went out last night with PhoenixRZNG. Found a spot under the Bolte Bridge and took a few snaps. The photo's were quite hard to edit, due to the strong orange light from surrounding buildings. Here are some early results.




    Comments and constructive criticism welcomed. Thanks to PhoenixRZNG for taking the time to grab these snaps.
  2. Must say, it's an amazing bike. And quite difficult to capture it's full beauty due to it's dark colours and chrome. But I hope I did it justice.
  3. LOVE the middle picture.
  4. some light under white prspex under the bike mwah !!
    great pics as usual, you do good work !!
  5. Only thing I don't like re the pics is they're cropped so tight in all but the last one you've cropped off parts of the bike.
  6. Haven't cropped off anything. Bar the very tip of the exhaust in the first, and the numberplate in the second. The whole bike is there in the final, but I wanted it to look like that, very dark.

    Cheers mate!

    Yeah love that one too. Silly constructions though, cranes in the background, far too hard to edit the buggers out.
  7. credit where credits due!!
  8. Gorgeous bike, every pic I see just confirms it as a finalist for my next bike (in a few years of course)
  9. Great shots mate, very nice location it has that 'mean streets' feel too it that makes shit look cool as.

    The second photo is my favorite, i feel a slightly cropped version of the first, perhaps shaving about an inch off from the left, would draw the focus onto the bike a bit better, but still a great image.

    Also make sure that you frame the shot so that you can capture the entire bike, if you cut out a part of the wheel etc, it can really make it look a bit strange because the eye is expecting to see a full circle, but ends up seeing a circle with a flat spot.

    EDIT: Get a can of tire blackner from supercheap/woolies and go mental with the stuff so that the tires look shiny and nice. (probably want to be careful when you ride off though)
  10. Were these done using the cameras on board flash? seems a tad harsh. Perhaps some sort of diffuser would help?
    They are a sexy looking machine though :)
  11. I think you did a good job - especially light painting!

    In addition to the other comments - I found the ground a bit too bright. You could tone it down in PS or try parking in the dark :)

    Still nice work and inspires me to get come pics of my bike!
  12. Nice work. As [MENTION=29834]akaluke[/MENTION] says.
  13. Thanks guys.

    The only picture I used the flash on, was the final one. The rest were light painted with a maglite - which isn't a great tool to paint with. So I'll be looking for other options.
  14. Thanks Dude! :)
  15. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1314532776.132395.



    Some manipulation involved. :)
  16. Thanks for the pics, Michael! Good job bringing out the best in bike:
    I now have new avatars, Facebook profile pics and iPhone lockscreen pics! :))
    I'd do it again anytime. Let me know when you start taking paying customers.
  17. Thanks buddy. Glad you like em! Like what you've done with em too.
  18. Nice ride, nice pics .... Congrats