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Phoenix From SYD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TcPhoenix, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Hey all!

    My name is Phoenix, I'm from Sydney.

    Located around the Eastern Suburbs. Currently riding a 2013 CBR500r, black. It's nice, very comfortable bike.

    I got my L's about 4 years ago, rode a CBR125r. Recently went for my L's again a year ago, and passed my P's a month ago.

    Really kicking myself I didn't go for my P's 4 years ago, because now I would be on my Black licence!

    So yeah.

    See you around,
  2. Welcome Phoenix bloke. A fella at work has the cbr500r, looks like a nice bike...... i don't know him so haven't been game enough to pester him for a test ride as yet!
  3. Yeah, it's a pretty good bike. Honda did a pretty nice job as always.

    It's not mine though, I'm just borrowing it because I don't have a bike at the moment.
  4. Welcome to NR(y)
  5. Welcome,
    Stay out of Queensland, Your a wanted bad organisation up there, Hahahaha

    Honda on the left is the best they ever made,
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  6. Welcome mate to NR(y) ..ride safe..
  7. Thanks everyone for the welcomes!