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Philosophy: "Honesty is the best policy"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Mark Twain said this, but added, 'when there is money in it'.

    But without that addition, discuss.....

  2. Hands up the idiot brave enough to tell his wife, "yes dear, your arse does look big in that"... And there I rest my case on honesty always being the best policy.
  3. Honesty is best when it's more advantageous to be that :grin:
  4. Honesty is not always the best policy as there are too many variables.
    Mark Twain was an idiot anyway.
  5. if the world was honest there would be more wars than there is now created by books of lies.

    and jesus woulda got knocked sooner. you know he's just the same as the bums on soap boxes in CBDs around the world making the same sort of claims. people just believed him then.

    if i had a business selling things, i'd hire him
  6. That's a matter of opinion, smee, but he did contribute a lot of quotable quotes to our language.....

    "Be good and you will be lonesome"


  7. quotes schmotes
    He still was an idiot
  8. At least your honest :grin:
  9. When you remove the addition, then it didn't come from Twain. He was always just a fraud, using other people's material and adding his own meaning/phrase and claiming it to be his.
  10. Gee, didn't take long for this to turn into a Mark Twain bashing thread, hey?

    When it matters most, honesty IS the best policy. Scenarios like the one Sudz presented are one of those times where the phrase "discretion is the better part of valour" applies. :wink:
  11. Is honesty the best policy....? Yes.

    Why....? The truth will come out eventually, so better to be honest than to be known as a liar :shock:
  12. IMO Mark Twain was an amasing man, a consumate storyteller, bullsh*t artist and total showman :blah: , he could talk the leg off a chair and was a self made man.
    Rags to riches twice in his lifetime I seem to recall. People across the globe would pack out theatre's to hear him spiele on European and US tours, where the only props he had at his disposal as 1 man on stage, was his wit, his improv skills, and his intelligence, in order to keep a packed audience entertained.
    He was an entertainer of the highest order, in very different times to now. A man who outlives his two daughters, may have a thing or 2 going on inside his head, and could be excused as being clinically depressed.
    He was a close friend of Nikola Tesla (the father of AC electricity and a COMPLETE FRIGGIN FREAK OF A GENIUS OF A MAN)
    He was a friend and confidant to Presidents and paupers alike, hated social injustice and IMO, was anything but an idiot.

    Honestly-thats my opinion of Mark Twain :grin:
  13. honesty with oneself, about one's true drivers and motives, is critical and worthy of practice. it's easy to blame others without considering how i might've provoked or set up the circumstances in the first place which is a great way to absolve myself of responsibility and start a war (personal or global). in probably 90% of instances, i have had a part to play in what's happened to greater or lesser degree. (there are instances however, like sexual abuse of children, where this is absolutely not the case and where clearly the responsibility lies 100% with the adult alone.)

    honesty with others i usually subject to the test of "is it true? is it kind? is it necessary?"
  14. Movin, with the exception of the last couple of details, you could have just as easily be describing Karl Barron just then.

  15. Excuse my ignorance and laziness for a google search, but who is Karl Barron?
  16. honesty is great, but there are times when you just shouldn't bring up the subject, not saying anything is not lying
  17. OK, then. In carri's mantra "Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary", (which are good words) are the three things exclusive of each other, or complementary? In other words, is it possible to be honest, but for this honesty to be unkind and unnecessary?
  18. Yup, I think it can be unkind and possibly unnessesary which is why some people choose to withhold the truth. In that instance, it comes down to personal choice as to whether or not to be honest.

    There are always going to be little white lies but deep down we all know what determines a real lie. I guess it just comes down to the way you are on the inside and whether or not you choose to tell....
  19. +1

    and he exposed Christian Science (the religion) and for the total fraud it is.