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Phillips,narva or hid

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 3lud13, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Needing options for headlights my low beam light is worse than useless once it's dark and I'm not surrounded by street lights it's high beam all the time.
    Bike is 2015 gv650 classic allot of people have recommended I get a hid kit and install that others have suggested the narva intense globes and others Phillips diamond vision.
    Now the issue is low beam and as I see it my options are pretty much all technically illegal
    1 drive everywhere on high beam
    2 install spotlights that work on low beam
    3 install hid
    4 try the narva or Phillips globes

    Yes I realise 3 of my 4 options are illegal but am looking at options to make the road in front of me more visible currently my front tyre seems to get more light than the road.
    It's adjusted as best it can be just seems low beam headlight is a design fault.
  2. Isn't there another option for LED globes? Not the older ones that stuff up the focus, but there are newer ones that supposedly have the same illumination dimensions as a normal globe (9mm or something) so they are properly focussed but are supposed to be much brighter and whiter.
  3. See didn't even think of led guess that gives me another option then.
    From my research around the place apparently the reflector for headlight isn't the best and therefore dodgy low beam lighting
  4. Philips better than narva

    Philips diamond vision... the light is "whiter" because of all the blue shit on it to filter out the yellow light. this does NOT make it brighter.

    the X-treme Vision +130's should be the brightest from a legal wattage, unless you go to HID
    the +100 or +130 = twice as bright, but legal as wattage is same
  5. I did a hid conversion to my suzuki M109, and it was one of the best things I did. Important to aim it properly though, else you will be flashed by everyone coming the other way, and your mods will come to the attention of Mr Plod very quickly.
    Main advantage was to spread the light over a bigger area, and let you make wise decisons when it comes to potholes road hazards etc.

    Easy to install, and actually uses less amperage draw than the std setups.
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  6. I have HID lights installed from previous owner and think they're fantastic. I have separate high and low beams. Newer HID bulbs are quicker to respond to earlier bulbs as well (switching from low to high beam). If you can afford it I think they are the best choice. I watched a vid were someone in the states tried all the different bulbs mentioned here and overall HID came out in front on most of their tests. But I am biased as I have them.
  7. I think PIAA and maybe others had a H4 conversion bulb, where the bulb position moved to swap from low to high (to reflect the different positions in a normal H4 bulb) so no switch off time
  8. If you believe the marketing hype the newer LEDs have the light in the correct position and size so that the reflectors work as designed, rather than the older types that emit light from the wrong locations and stuff up the beam focus.
  9. Philips and Narva + globes are not illegal. They are good but they have a shorter life than regular headlights. Typically they are rated to last 1,000 hours. I had 2 die in 25,000km/18months.

    I recently converted to LED headlights. Rated to last 30,000 to 50,000 hours depending on brand/quality. Go for good Cree or Philips LEDs. High-powered LEDs usually have a heatsink or similar on the back so be careful of the depth behind the globe. Also be careful that the placement of LEDs on the lamp influence the spread of light and some may not be suitable in your particular headlight.

    I recently installed these in my FZ1.
    This is how they look and work (note I put the labels around the wrong way on the first two frames on the main pic:
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  10. This is pretty much what I am hearing from most people. Hid just leaves everything else in the dark I guess
  11. I put a pair of Cree H4 LEDS in my bike (Yama YZF-R15) the LEDS have round single LED chips ~ 8mm diam. That model isn’t around anymore, replaced by a brighter set! With halogens you could see the various parts of the beam from the flats in the reflector, with LEDs the beam is all a bit of a blur, but I think the cut-off is sharper – which I think would be the main ADR approval issue. I took the time to set up screen and mark centre points etcetera and readjusted the aim. May not be ADR but I don’t think Mr Plod would have any complaints. Mr RWC inspector would probably come over all pedantic.

    3lud13 it takes only a couple of minutes to whip a bulb from my bike, would you like to test fit one in your bike to see how it works? Nothing like a bit of screwdriver & spannering in the dark on a cold winter’s night. – That’s assuming your bike has H4s – the ones BanziElise shows have H4 bases. I’m about 15 to 20 minutes north of Hawthorn.

    HIDs are the brightest (have some in my cage) but LEDs are a bit cheaper.
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  12. For a while before I replaced the H4 globes I was using a pair of 500 lumen LED spot lights (from Jaycar) aimed low to supplement the crap halogen. Mostly ‘cause they were about half the price of H4 LED globes (I’m Scots – tighta**e is genetic) only about 50mm diam and quiet unobtrusive. Worked quiet well.
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  13. A valuable and comprehensive source of information hardly, indeed the law is different for bikes, what it is exactly I'm not sure. I met someone who was of the belief HIDs and indeed most things are in fact legal, as long as you don't point it in people's eyes like a moron. He has drop in hids in all his bike and aside from a bit of faffing about to get the aim right has never had any issues.
  14. HID are the best bang for your buck however, if you are just riding around suburbia you will get a lot of reflection back from road signs,etc. and probably catch the attention of Mr. Plodd. I have them in my ute high beams and are excellent for country roads but not so much for built up areas. I have Phillips extreme +100 in my bike which is a huge improvement over oem. Can't comment on LED but I believe the cheap ones are fairly nasty
  15. Yes there are some cheap LED halogen replacements that aren't even good enough for indicator bulbs. CREE are one of the best. You will be paying over $100 for a pair including ballast & regulator.
  16. Interesting so according to Bundaberg police Web site HID are illegal because of glare. Wonder how long it will be before LED will suffer the same fate. Having said that i was told that driving with fog lights on other than in inclement weather was also a nono and could earn you a nice fine as well but i still battle many knobs or there who blind you with ill fitted or aligned fog lights. so to be honest i wouldn't worry about it too much. Have driven past many marked police cars at night and never had a problem.
  17. Us mexicans can have hid in high beam only, not low beam - so not meant to use H4. Fog lights are a no no here in daylight/clear nights, coppers are dynamite on it around here
  18. HID conversions into reflectors/lenses designed for halogen often do produce shiteloads of glare. can be really crap
    but the right HID globe or reflector/lense is fine

    most people can't seem to find the fog lamp buttons (the old Hyundai excel rear fog light was famous for that :D ), or just don't give a shit.. after all, what could be safer than blinding people driving toward you? :D
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  19. Maybe we should get some of them to come North to sort out the yobbos up here. The next big one will be all these LED light bars that as Jeremy Clarkson put it so well (a mini collapsed sun on the roof) that people have mounted on the roof of their utes and 4wd's little do they know about the ruling not allowing a light source to be more than 1meter above ground level.