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N/A | National [Phillipines] City councilor wants to ban u12's from MC's.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. In another example of councilors pretending to understand statistics and physics and agitating to be seen to be doing something, have a read of this stupid proposal.

  2. I cant see a problem with the above :p

  3. Personally I'd hold off on calling it stupid until I knew how many of the 130 fatalities were under the age of 12.

    It's impossible to make any comparison between here and somewhere like the Philippines.
  4. I smell a rat JD. A media release touting for something but not having specific stats that support the proposal? It's only just occurred to me that it could be an april fools joke. The link says published April 3... but it's not the official media release... hmmmm :-k
  5. so how many of the fatalities were because of their age, versus how many because they were sitting on dad's lap because mum was already on the pillion?
  6. Not an April Fools Day joke by the looks of it Rob:

    Though that article is talking about an age limit of 9, not 12. Either way I still wonder whether it's in response to a disproportionate number of child fatalitites on motorcycles or simply because it's easy to pass legislation which protects children (before then extending it to the rest of the population).
  7. Australia has it's own limitation to the age of a pillion - I think must be over 8 and must be able to reach pillion pegs, unless in a side chair. The proposed legislation in the article you've linked to seems to be similarly focused on pillioning.

    The article in the OP seems to be focused on banning all under age motorcycle riding... so junior MX and all that sort of stuff... boggles the mind.
  8. Is there much of that in the Philippines though?

    I also don't see how you interpret the original article as applying to anything but people carrying children on motorcycles on public roads. :-s
  9. I read the original article as referring to overloaded scooters. Where else would you have a 'person holding a child'?
  10. I got that impression from the first line:

    A Quezon City councilor is proposing a law that would prohibit children aged 12 years and below from riding a motorcycle, even with adult riders.

    It sounds like a total ban is proposed, with or without accompanied adult... unless it just reads like that due to crappy reporting.
  11. First thing might be to actually enforce what laws they have - especially helmet laws.
  12. Eh? Suddenly being an adult protects us from the full crash impact?
    If im crashing id rather be losing my grip and relaxing my body flying through the air... rather then landing ON the kid...
    Fair call on the helmets part i guess though.
  13. Rob, that first line probably just means that 13 year-olds will still be allowed to ride motorcycles on the road. Not sure on the regs in the Philippines but a lot of other Asian countries work on the system that riding on the road is sufficient proof that you can ride on the road (ie no specific age requirements).
  14. No probs JD/Simon, happy to withdraw my tagging the councilor as stupid. :)

    On a more positive note, the Philippine's is trialling or is about to trial motorcycle only lanes on highways... I wouldn't mind that here at times!
  15. Malaysia already has motorcycle only lanes on their highways.

    I never used them though as although they felt to me like they were only wide enough for one motorcycle, there were in fact two distinct "lanes" (one doing about 30kph, the other doing about 80 :shock:). I found it a lot safer to go and play with the cars in the other lanes. I could imagine a similar problem here, only worse, with experienced riders on 1000cc bikes having to share a lane with noobs on a CBR125s etc.
  16. I'm sure he still is......