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Phillip Island V8's

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bangr, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Howdy all . I have booked a house for the V8's , it is the 9-10 of dec , there are some beds still up for grabs , depending on nunbers on how much , the house sleeps 10 and is $220 per night , min 3 nights.

    Pm me if you want a bed.
  2. $660 for a roof over ya 'ed???????

    Tellim he's dreaming :)
  3. Vic, what are you smoking these days?? :LOL:

    $66 each for three nights is pretty good for the third biggest weekend on the Island when it comes to motorsport.

    Assume the third night would be Sunday as from memory it takes 5 hours sitting in the queue to get off the Island on the Sunday night.
  4. Is that per night per person or per night for the house, with the cost to be divided amongst those staying there?...cos I'm with Vic.... confused :?
  5. If its $660 for the entire weekend split between 10 people then he only needs to find 9 more :)

    If it's $220 X 3 X 10 then bananas :p
  6. I posted a reply here. It is now not here. Was it deleted, and if so why? Did someone perhaps take offence at my witty dig at renting houses and gouging tourists? If so, then someone really needs to get a life.
  7. Yes that is $220 per night for the house , so numbers bending on how much per person , at the moment it is 4 so it is $165 per person for the weekend . Dam good if you ask me for that time of year , and yes it is fri-sat-sun night .
  8. Need to know if there is any takers on this , getting closer to the date .

  9. Where on the island is it Bren?
  10. Just bumping this back up to the top as it's getting closer to the V8's and there's still room available.

    Is anyone else interested in spending a fantastic weekend with a fantastic ;) bunch of people at the Island? Even if you're not into the cars it'll be a great chance just to get away/relax/party.

    Hope to see more of you there.

  11. I'll be sleeping in the back of a VX wagon :p
  12. MattyB said:
    Why? :LOL: Come and stay at the house Matty!
  13. :cool: Sounds good. :cool:
  14. It's getting closer. :) :) :grin: I'll give you a call on the Friday Bren, as I'm not sure what time I'll be getting at the house. I've got a zillion things to organise for the weekend. Good thing I'm staying near the track...the morning's are going to be too early for my liking! :evil:

    :( I wont be riding either. :( We need the car at the track. :( :cry:
  15. it should be easy to find 6 v-8 fans. After that it might get difficult.
  16. event is this weekend , is there any other takers on a bed ?

  17. Come on people! The more the merrier....... (and cheaper ;)
  18. I'm there. :cool:
  19. It looks like it's going to be a busy weekend. I was talking with a real estate agent this morning and she said their holiday rental bookings for this weekend are at the same level they are for the GP and it's the same with every other agent on the Island. I've heard they're expecting 60,000 people over the weekend.

    And it's going to be hot...37 :shock: on the Saturday and 33 on the Sunday.....

    Bren...will ring you tonight.

  20. It's sort of cheating when they count the same person 3 times.

    The Island can be miserable when it's hot. Bugger all shade, unless you prop under the trees at Turn 12, or perhaps up near the Visitor's Centre.

    I was considering riding over for the day. But with the Toy Run and family committments this weekend I might end up watching it on TV.