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Phillip Island trackday, 25th Jan 07

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Loz, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Santy was very good to me this year and I'll be spending the 25th at Phillip Island. I understand Cejay is already booked in and hopefully PNUT and the Pommyboy will be there. Faye and Andy have each raised an eyebrow at the idea... Anyone else interested? Johnny? Bren? Ian?


    I can't wait - this will be my first trip to a MotoGP track! If you need me I'll be on the XBOX learning the way around.
  2. I'm sooo jealous. :(

    Get ready for one helluvan experience Loz.
  3. Anybody got a lift for my bike to PI for this?

    Pleeeeeease [-o<

    ...then I'm there with you Loz!!! :woot:
  4. ....or, not! I've changed it to March 8 as I might have a bike and a bum to put on it by then!
  5. Well, I just booked in for the 25th Jan too.

    Who else is confirmed?
  6. thinkin bout goin. cant make up my mind as im at broadford the sun b4 and after.. itd b good 2 get out there wiv u cathur. decisions decisions.... what group u in???
  7. Come on, you know you want to...!

    Now, I reckon Stew would be in the Red group...as should you be. At least that way I'd be able to get some lap times for you both (I'm in Med Fast).
  8. ohh u goin 2 cj. mmm tempting. shame if were not all in the same group. but i spoze its good 2 have some1 there 2 time each other.. ill have 2 c if theres any spots left
  9. Yeah, I'm in the Red Group. I was in-between Red/Yellow, but lately I feel like I've been riding with as much confidence as I ever have. I'll have to work through 9 months of rustiness and a new-found wariness for Turn 8, but I figure that by the third/fourth session I'll be getting up to my old track speed.
  10. so that's sorted then. Pomy Boy and Cathar in Red and Cejay on the Nokia....
  11. I'll see you on the 8th too. I'm stalking you :)
  12. booked in 2day. only spots left were in the fast group so that will do. ill b on my new bike so just gona b getting used 2 it. should b a good day. how r u blokes gettin there??
  13. i'm trailering down.

    i'll be using the new slicks/warmers and glass. should be fun.
  14. well lets try n get a pit 2gether. its a free 4 all but u pay 10 buks per bike. my phone no, 0412 335 646
  15. I'm down there on a GP star package, courtesy of the ticket that I bought on-line We'll see if we can grab a shed together.
  16. wats gp pakage?
  17. my darling husband just booked me in for friday 23rd feb. :) I will be on the VTR. Woo Hoo
  18. Jan 25 and MGP testing

    I'm confirmed for this trackday and am absolutely bursting with anticipation to go to PI. My 2nd time on a MGP track - Laguna Seca is the only other.

    Anyone know whether fans can enter PI for viewing during the upcoming MGP testing days - I believe Jan 26-28?? I'm also doing the 29th date in PI too.

    thanks, Akira
  19. MotoGP testing days are normally private. However, the track is easily viewed from behind the chain link fencing. The visitors centre may also offer viewing opportunities.

    What's Laguna Seca like to ride?