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Phillip Island Track Day, Fri 5 Jan '07

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Tiga, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. What better way could there be to spend a day, after all that eating, partying and drinking! Soooo who else is going to be there?

  2. Hi Catherine, I'll be there. It's seriously starting to turn into an addiiction!
  3. I understand they offer a decent discount if you book as a group of >15.

    Might be worth getting that number of Netriders together for a ride day some time in '07. Just a thought. :)
  4. I'd be up for a ride out to watch you guys. Anyone else interested in a ride to PI on this day?
  5. Isn't this day totally booked out? :(

    But yeah Triway, I could be up for a ride. :)

    Where would you want to meet up?
  6. D'oh, I'm on dial-up at the moment so didn't check that spaces were still available...... But it would be cool to have some of you srop by :)
  7. Reaaallly bloody jealous.

  8. This sounds good, but the site say's it's all booked out, have you considered this day at Broadford
  9. In Bacchus Marsh of course! :p

    Nah, hadn't really thought about it yet, perhaps Dandy' somewhere? I don't know that side of town too well, but I will be coming along the SE carpark I think. Open to suggestions.............

    Any other takers?
  10. Really wish you could come :(
  11. I went to book this the other day, but too late. It's all booked :(

    So going on the 25th and 29th instead... :)

    And might sell 1 arm and 1/2 a leg to do Broadford on the 21st.
  12. Taaa Tiga... me too!!

    Cejay... how much for a right arm?? :LOL:
  13. Hmmm, anyone want my slot this Friday?
    First in, best dressed. I'm booked into the slow group. Cost will be what I paid, $219.
  14. Bugger, would have been good to see you out there again. It's a long shot but if you haven't had any takers for your spot you might want to check if your place can be transfered into one of the other groups? With the new internet booking system it's not clear to me that the numbers in each group would be easy to regulate. Previously you booked a group but now you book the day and then select a group. If there are heaps of people wanting to be in the slow group but fewer wanting to be in the medium fast or fast you might be able to transfer your spot to a different group so more people can buy your ticket?
  15. I called them today. All groups are sold out. Which is a total bummer.
  16. I wouldn't mind going down for a watch but I don't even have a car at the moment so thats out.
    Hope you guys have fun. Watch out, it's going to be warm.
  17. Agreed bummer. At least the 25th isn't far away :)
  18. Thanks :)

    As for the weather I'm not even going to look at the forecast, I don't want to know :p
  19. What an awesome day that turned out to be! The weather was hot but not ridiculous, so ApriliaBoy and I had the best time. I think there is no single activity on this planet that is more fun/rewarding than a day at the track :grin:

    I'm totally in love with the Southern loop, Siberia and turn 12. I'm not sure what it is about these corners but they suit me very well. I was one of the faster in my group and was overtaking up to 4 bikes in one hit through turn 12, and with higher entry speed onto the straight the litre bikes usually wouldn't catch me :twisted:

    I've got to say though there were a few guys in my group who weren't overly keen on being overtaken by a girl :p Throughout the day I got 4 requests to quit with the overtaking and by the last 3 sessions I had my very own TEC who would do his best to keep up after I passed him and then give me a full cometary on how he had done after we got in. It was all in good fun though.

    So all in all it was an awesome day!

    EDIT: ApriliaBoy says the heat was ridiculous!
  20. So pleased that you and AB are having such a good time at the track. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that it's addictive last year. Now you know what I mean! It's such a blast!

    And 2:19 is pretty damn good, there is absolutely no need to down play either yours or AB's times. Any time spent around the Island is good and if you're having a ball who gives a rats.

    How are the tyres?

    And I know what you mean about the girl/boy thing. I've noticed a higher accident rate with groups with quick girls in them. Us lads just can't help ourselves. It's a boy thing. Apparently we quite like to impress you girls. :p

    I love Southern Loop, T3, Lukey Heights and Turn 11/12.