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Phillip Island Track Day - 5 Dec 2006

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Tiga, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. The gods of riding have smiled upon me and work is nice and quiet this week. Soooo, I'm off to Phillip Island for the track day on Tuesday.

    Is anyone from around here going to this one? I find the idea of not knowing anyone a little daunting.

  2. Aw love to Kath, but bloody hell it's expensive!
  3. Hey Katherine, how are you getting your bike there, riding or trailer/van?

    I might see if I can get a start for this day for a gentle introduction back to the track, the fast group is not usually booked out.

    I'll let you know if it all comes together.
  4. Cool, if you can make it that would be sweet :)

    I'll be riding down Monday evening and staying at the Waves.
  5. Have a ball, I wish I could go but I have to work. :(

    One day I might have to just take one of my "mental health days" and hit the track. I figure I should do something worthwhile with a sickie for a change :) (unfortunately I don't think it'll happen for a while). Good luck. :grin:
  6. Have fun putting all those techniques into practice Tiga. 049.

    Look forward to the reports! :)

    :-k . o 0 O (Wish I had another day spare to hit the track... sigh)
  7. Looks like the bug has well and truly bitten! :grin:
  8. Woo Hoo! Well I'm booked in for tomorrow, I am going in the slow group first up to have a play with Tiga then I'll move to the fast group.

    My first time back on the track with my foot still not working, I don't think the postie gear shift will make for any fast lap times (not that anyone is timing :wink: )

    I'm riding there & back so it'll be a casual ride, hope the 'red mist' doesn't come over me :shock:
  9. Hey Johnny,
    Have you thought about a handlebar mounted remote shifter?
  10. Wow what a great day! The weather was awesome! I was so rooted I couldn't do the last session, I had sneeked into the first novice session with Tiga, she was having a ball.

    Couldn't work the heal-toe gearlever properly, I had to have my body too far rearward for the up changes, the front wheel kept coming off the ground and shaking the bars violently :mad:

    I didn't get any times, one guy said that I was 5 seconds slower than Adam Ferguson, he told me he got Adam at a 1.40, so a 1.45 is ok until I get back to race fitness.

    Man I was spun-out at the speeds coming on to the straight, I'd look at the speedo 3/4's of the way thru turn 12..... 245k's !!!! With speedo error it was probably only 230 or 235 but far out! I was nearly peaked in 4th gear.

    Down the straight, my speedo was stuck on 299 kph (it mustn't go any higher than that) for the last 100m, god the wind pressure on my out-of-condition body at that speed it was hard to hold on!

    I think I'd better do a Broadford or Winton day before I go back there to try and get my race fitness back.
  11. Wicked Johnny, great to see you back on the horse and here's hoping you get back into competitive shape quick enough to have a proper crack at racing that gixxer.
  12. Teach me master..........................

    I can get you fit if you can get me fast! :wink: :grin:
  13. Anyone with a couple of track days and a GSXR1000 could do those times, it's not getting good till they're sub 1.40's. I can make anyone faster than me.
  14. I will hold you to that! And as I 'only' have a 600 I will settle for 1:50's :grin:
  15. It shits me when you say that! I'm stuck at 1:55 and maybe can see a second or two here and there, but not 15s! Apparently I'm scared of the apex and if I can work that out, then maybe the times will come.

    I'm the same speed on the 600 as on the 1000, so for me it's not a speed thing.

    I and a few others are at Broadford on Saturday. Maybe the O show can sneek in there too?
  16. Guy's I guess it takes a little time to learn how far you can trust good sport/race tyres in the corners, that is not something you can be taught, you have to inch faster & faster to find the limit.

    Some riders would lap quicker on a 600 or 750, look at most race guys on 600's, they are sub 1.45.

    As I was telling Tiga, you have to at least change arse cheeks (if you are not hanging off) in the corners to be able to counteract the centrifical forces of the corner and still be able to keep the bike a little vertical allowing more traction.

    Turning the bikes idle rpm up to 2000 to 3000 will greatly improve corner smoothness and hence speed, just gotta remember to brake a little harder.

    I may be able to get to Broadford but we will have a couple of days somewhere this Summer, I'll run through everything in theory & practice.
  17. Don't underestimate the effect of talent and a quinzillion years of experience. Some of us just can't go that fast. Having said that, I'd be quite happy to go sub 1:50, just hope I don't die doing it.

    The hanging off part is now down pat, knee sliders are rooted. It's the throttle hand that's stuck!
  18. There's no arguement, going faster than a 1.55 at the Island with a well set-up Superbike is just taking a risk, the faster you go, the more risk you take, it is not really a reflection on ones ability but maybe more ones acceptance or ignorance of the ramifications of a slip at speed.

    Can you afford to suffer the worse case situation where your bike is totally destroyed and you are in hospital with a broken back never to walk again?

    Some riders are prepared to take that risk (god I'm talking myself out of all this!).

    It's hard to go fast at a 'ride day', especially if you aren't in the fast group, too many slow riders getting in the way.

    I was too worried riding around yesterday because I still had my original rear fairing panels on plus I had to ride home afterwards, I didn't have tyres warmers (lucky it was a hot day). I haven't healed from my last crash and I still have the rod in my leg. I guess I was lucky that I can just fall into a groove at the Island because I have been racing there for 18 years.

    We all want to go faster, it's just learning in ones own mind how fast you can actually roll through a corner with the given parameters (bike, tyres, suspension etc).
  19. Wow, what an awesome day!

    First of all I highly recommend having your very own Superbike rider to review your technique (or lack thereof :wink:) and give you pointers. Johnny O you're a total star!

    After all day of working on hanging off, cornering lines (beyond the first turning point) and everything I learned at the level 1 Superbikes school I was wrecked. I didn't feel like I had improved much, but my times had come down by about 5 seconds so I was pretty happy with that.

    I had some good fun people in my group, although there were a lot of red flags being waved at various points in the day. I think there were 3 crashed plus one dude who dropped his bike at MG but picked it up and keep going…. oh yeah and then there was the spectator who though walking around into the kitty litter would be fine, course control was a little surprised by that!

    The ride home was a bit of a killer. By the time I walked in the door my head felt like a boiled cabbage and I was in bed by 7:30pm, but it was definitely worth it and I’d do it all again. Looking forward to Broadford on Saturday :grin:

  20. absolutely, but there's also technique and skill involved too. Something that as you gain experience you forget. I've forgotten what it's like to chop the throttle on and off, but people still do it and then get that whole 'oh my god' experience. Likewise with hanging off the bike, seems second nature now. I can go out of the pits, dip into T2 and just get on it. Where I seem to lose time is understanding what the bike is saying and being shy of using it to it full potential.

    Last track day I managed to use the technique of rolling on the throttle, pushing the bike away from me whilst still leaning my body into the corner (you'd do this without thinking) and the extra push it gave me through the corners was amazing. Got a nice feeling from the rear tyre (gradual slide) and was really comfortable.

    I've got a track day this weekend, next Friday and a school the following Monday. I just can't afford to bin the Blade...Ha, the PI ride day is in the Fast group. Shit!! From what I've seen there's a mix of full kitted bikes and just quick riders, with times from mid 1:50's and below. Hoping not to piss them off....I run consistent lines and not too slow but otherwise I'll be banging on the door to change group.