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Phillip Island Track Day 21st September

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Morbo28, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Okay, I've made this thread as there is now a few of us heading to this so far, so it's too difficult to keep PMing back and forth between us.

    Scott (funkysuperfly), I have spoken to Paul (Gilesy) and he's keen to go halves in getting a double trailer with you.

    So the idea is, we all have our own accomm down that way (all mooching off friends I believe...nice one :wink: :LOL: ). I live in Hawthorn and Gilesy lives in Kew, so I'll chuck my fuel cans, and tools into Gilesy's car for him to take down (Scott I'm sure you could do the same). We will meet at the track on the day.

    Afterwards, you guys can both head to Melbs with your bikes on the trailer and I'm staying an extra night and riding back the next day. I'll come and pick up my jerry cans etc later.
  2. All Sweet Morbo
  3. I'm booked - Medium Slow Group. I'll have some tools etc. to bring around once the day nears. :grin:
  4. Good news :grin:

    We should go for a Sat morning spurs ride or something before we go...
  5. I'd go but I'm in BrisVegas for that weekend :(

    Have fun!
  6. Scott, nice work on booking champ... Looking forward to it!!!

    Simon, yeah keen for a meet up/ride before hand although im full booked for the next two weekend with other commitments.. Sorry mate, weekend before (12th Sept) i havent got anything on so maybe we could organise something that weekend if it suits for all??? If not we will have to catch up prior to weekend of the 19th/20th to hand over gear for the Monday.

    AhrimaaN, its Monday the 21st Sep. If your keen im sure i speak for the other other boys.. more NR's the merrier!!!!
  7. Yeah cool. I'm heading to the island on Sat, so maybe we could make a time Fri some time or Sat morning for me to drop by with the gear?
  8. Yeah sweet, well im probably going to be heading down to the island saturday arvo, after i get organised with trailer etc, so be more than happy to pick up whenever suits you.
    Keen for a spin somewhere on the weekend before???
  9. Yeah cool as, a warm up through the hills. I can never really predict what the weekends will be like, but let's make that a tentative plan :grin:

    You free that weekend, Scot?
  10. Yeah i know what its like planning for weekends mate... all good but we'll pencil it in!!!!
  11. Long weekend away :)
  12. how much is it fore this one and where/what website can you book on?

  13. cheers for that mate - ill see if i can make it up!
  14. Sweet - maybe the NR crew will be growing even bigger :grin:
  15. a warm up ride is good, I need to undertake a few repairs eg. puncture b4 I ride.

    Also waiting for a dry weekend...
  16. I agree with you there, Scott a dry weekend would be nice!! Hopefully we can meet up and head out on a good days spin.
  17. Ok guys, our track day is coming up soon. How is everyone suited this weekend for a warm up ride???
  18. Oh yeah, that came up quickly didn't it!?

    This Sat sounds good for me. Friday's meant to be great weather, but I'll only be free from about 1:30 ish.

    where did you wanna head? We could meet up with the 10am St Kilda BP crew for a ride, I've been to the odd one of those and the ride was good on the weekend just gone :)
  19. Yeah quicker than i thought too!!!

    Saturday and Sunday are good for me, Saturday does like the pick after Friday weather though.
    Yeah im easy, suppose we could met up with the St. Kilda crew and go from there. Unless someones got a better plan??