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Phillip Island, the AGP and Accommodation

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mjt57, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Today we finally got off our bums and organised our accommodation at PI. We thought that we had left our run too late, as every caravan park that we called were fully booked out.

    We finally found a park, and as luck would have it, it's on the main drag near Church St roundabout.

    Who from Netrider's going and where are you guys staying?

    We're also humming and ha'ing over whether to get VIP tickets. The idea of sheltered viewing is so appealing, given that September can be somewhat wet, and that the risk of it being so is probably as great or greater than what we've experienced in years past. However, $620 for the "cheapest" package is still a fair bit.
  2. We go each year.

    Have rented a house in surf beach about 5k from the track.
  3. I'm going this year.

    Working on accom as we speak :)
  4. $620 for tickets??

    the honda riding club of aust. has VIP packages, but from memory when i did it 3 years ago, it was $450ish.

    makes for a pricey w/end

  5. what is the name of the caravan park , do they have anything left ?

    I am going , I do the corporate thing , mine is the summit club , one of fee for the year and we get corporate for the three main events , ect.
  6. I'm going, but I'm not from Netrider....
  7. Munkey, whats it worth?

    the 1 off fee and each event?

  8. We know that
  9. will try to go this year
    and might have a place organised soon
    :grin: :grin:
  10. rev - $2000.00 for the year. 100 members only .
  11. ....anf 3 events?

    World SBK
    and ???
  12. What does that mean? Who is and who isnt? If you join Netrider does that make you a netrider, the fact you are on here posting would make you a Netrider? Confused, which is easy at times anyway.

  13. I am going again this year I have been to the last 3 and just do the day trip. Do many from here go up just for the day and is there a meeting place or is that orgainised as it gets closer ?
  14. I commute to save my licence & accomodation costs & I'd rather sleep in my own bed! If ya want a ride partner pm me!
  15. I will be up for that :grin:

    I'm not able to be away overnight so planned on there and back on the day.
  16. It means that he is part of another group of ferrals and will be going down with them and not us ferrals :p
  17. Vee Ate's :)
  18. the supercars .
  19. It can. But if I recall, the manufacturers packages usually don't include alcohol.
  20. feel free to pm me also for the commute each day