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VIC Phillip Island Td Tues 20th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by killer848, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Anyone else out there doing the track day at phillip Island next tuesday?
    Weather is looking good, should be great day!

  2. I'll be there! Weather forecast is looking farken outstanding for tues!!!
  3. hopefully its not too hot ;)
  4. 24c is one degree below perfection.

    I'll take it.
  5. Well it was a good day, didn't manage to catch any of you there though.

    Everyone got the through the day alright?
  6. yes had a good day. first time out at the island, was in white group on a black gix. should've gone up a group but was fun just putting around. managed a 2.01 lap with people everywhere so wasn't that bad first time around.
    saw the 1198 tumble off into the distance :( felt soooo horrible for the guy!

    which group were you in?
  7. Cool cool, I was in green on a bayliss replica 848. Had a great day in that group, mostly seemed like I was out there on my own so I must have been lapping at an alright pace.
    Gave the last session a miss though after the oil got put down through stoner corner. Not worth putting about for the last session with that to contend with!
  8. Was the Ducati the one that went down on the exit of 12? If so how on earth did he manage that?
  9. arrr yes. i did see the bayliss floating around. nice looking bike!

    probably a good call with the last sesh. i went out and once i came in too hot for turn 4, slid the front down past the run off.. then coped a earfull from the marshal at pit exist. lol woops.. but was a fun day! glad i made it to the island...
  10. Yeah it's an awesome track, one day is never enough for me there. Always want to keep coming back the next day.
  11. he has come flying around 12, obviously drifted out/ fixated on the gravel and its gone from there.. i saw him quickly jump up and run over to it. my heart sank for him!!!

    haha yes! will be alot nicer when they resurface it! couple of little bumps here and there but still a lovely track :)
  12. Oh dear, sounds nasty. I did see a red bike laying out there in the gravel during a session.

    Can't wait for the resurface! No more ripples in turn 1, out of Siberia or down into MG. going to try and get there in jan early feb before the super bike rounds to see what it's like.