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Phillip Island Superbike School March 1st

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Sheeth, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Who's in??

    Ill be there with bells on, it was a birthday present from my mum, (what a legend!)

    I freaking cant wait, my riding improved so much after my last track day at broadford. And my god I cant wait to smash this majestically awesome fantastic track!

    See you there!

  2. ^^ Should be in. Hopefully I have my new bike by then. Rode PI a few weeks back and lost my mind on it - soooooo much fun.
    What Level are you going in?

  3. I'll be level one - first time in the school and first time on the Island, to say im exited would be a huge understatement!

  4. its a great track, i just did level one the other week.
  5. I did Level 1 so i'll be doing Level 2. Just going to check the finances this week and see if any spots left. They go pretty fast so if I don't go and I'll just book into another one.
    You'll lose your mind blasting around the island on your bike and the school is unfu*#@ng real. Soooo good and you'll learn loads. I stayerd down there the night after it cause' you can get pretty knackered after such a long day.
  6. i went to look about 3 weeks ago and there were 3 spots left in level 2. I went in the next day to pay and all gone, so im on the waiting list for level 2 on march 1...
    hope get in
  7. I'm booked in for level one, first time riding at PI too. Really looking forward to it.


  8. Awesome man, taking the ZX10? It'll be hard to miss you!
  9. Yep, I'll be putting around the track on the ZX10 :D

  10. Nice one guys !

    Arc - I bet there'll be many keen onlookers, as there no doubt are each time you're out on a group ride (y)

    Haven't ridden the Island Track yet, though would have loved to join in on the fun with you all.
    Damn work 'commitments' keep interfering with my 'social' life.
    Have fun !
  11. Holy hell I'm exited to see it! Hows it treating you so far??

    Nickers!! Wish you could have made it man!
  12. Soon dude....soon ! You have no idea how much I'm hanging out !
  13. The traction control is awesome, acceleration is unbelievable. Having a ball & really looking forward to PI :D

  14. I'd love to get down there on the CBR1K but can't make it due to other commitments. :(
  15. It' exciting and all that...and the school will make a difference to your riding, but I hope while you are there that on the first lap, you will be on sacred ground, going through corners where the worlds best have left tracks ahead of you. Think about it for second and don't take that honor too lightly. :)

    You'll be on sacred ground! :)

    Oh... And a little word to the wise, places like broadford are a real treat. Technical, challenging and interesting.
    At PI, the school will gradually build you up to speed, but be prepare, because at PI you run at a pace that is very very fast. Something you may not be used to doing. Most of the corners are high speed propositions that will require your utmost focus. Even the straight at broadford is less speed than you'll be taking on some of the corners by days end.
  16. Sacredness aside Sheeth after the day if you can make a new thread and put in a review there of your expectations for the day before doing it, the day itself and what you gained out of it. I'm sure many novice riders as myself are considering doing CSS level 1 or other courses in the near future.
  17. Brilliant Idea, I'll be doing that for sure.

    And Raven, it will be a religious experience haha
  18. just about, Sheeth. :)

    A few tips or cations for you... If there is a decent crosswind on the straight ( right to left), it will push you wide through turn1, which is a high speed corner, so cover for it.

    Honda corner has a good run-off area, so it's a decent place to try and improve your braking.

    The school put large white crosses on the track designating the correct turn in point. Make a note of some other trackside point at the same location, because, they remove them, and suddenly your point of reference is gone.

    Not sure how you ride, but if you are hitting the straight and giving it full power towards the end of the day, stay hard on it under the bridge because turn 1 is still a fair way off, even though it looks like you are going into bass straight.
    If you run it flat knackers then you will be 250k or so. When you see your braking point appear, hit the brakes and drop the gears while you are still tucked in behind the screen, then come up from tuck position. Why?... Because if you stick your head up while still flat knackers the wind blast you cop will tear your head off, so be ready for it. :)

    If you aren't running full pace it's not a problem...so just ride your ride. Superbike school, level 1 is very worthwhile!!
  19. wooohooooooo!!!... superbike school called and said there is an opening on march 1 for level 2...so i said....arrr,,ummm,...well...ok!!!...
  20. Argh !!

    Bad news guys!

    Ive had to postpone too April due to issues with my bike, long story short.

    I'm not going to Phillip Island with F'ed head stem bearings!