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Phillip Island Ride - tips & info please

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Well it seems now my dad has his new Kwaka he's all keen to go riding everywhere.
    Even to Philip Island for the MotoGP this year.
    Seems that me, my boyfriend, my dad & one of his mates are all going to make the trek from Adelaide.

    Not sure if I'll take the two fiddy, might just go pillion on my BF's bike.

    Before I go booking leave though I have a few questions, hope some of you can help

    1) approx how long will it take to ride there from Adelaide?? Just so we know how many days to take off.

    2) how much does it cost to attend? Someone told me it's $35 to camp per day and that includes entry to the race. Sounds too cheap to me, is that right?

    3) what gear do we need to bring? we don't have trailers for out bikes, we're limited to ventura racks

    4) is it a ride you think someone with 12 months exp on a Cb250 can handle, or should she sit on the back of her BF's bike instead? I'd like to do the ride myself but if it's too difficult.....

    Thanks for the help!
  2. big trip for a 250 to do, its capable but will surely fatique you for long distance hwy riding, by the time MotoGP comes around you could upgrade to a larger bike and the trip wont be a problem.
  3. unfortunately no, I can't. I am still on my L's, and (hopefully) will be passing my r-date test on the 18th of Feb. so i'll still be restricted at the time of the MotoGP. but I would have been riding a road bike for a total of 13 months (including L's).
  4. Prices:

    Campground weekend pass - $77 per person
    Admission to the circuit - $120 for the weekend.

    You'll need both.

    So yeah, it's a fair bit more than that!

    Your 2fiddy will make the trip just fine, although if your riding companions like to speed you might hold them up a bit.
  5. I'll give you one tip. Take a little plank of wood for each bike. to use on the bike stand. so your bike doesnt fall over if its muddy. and dont park next to someone that doesnt have one.
  6. Some of the larger rack bags might be enough to hold everything especially if you'll be sharing things but it might be an idea to look at getting panniers/tankbag for 1 or more of the bikes (designate a "mule"). It's surprising how much room camping gear takes up.
  7. They were handing out sidestand pucks at lat year's MotoGP.... Just little chits of wood.
  8. I may be missing something here, (and feel free to point it out!!) but couldn't you take advantage of the new LAMS rules and upgrade to a bigger bike?

  9. True, alternatively you can do as some others do and send all of you gear in a carton via AUSPOST, so long as you plan to be there before close of business on Friday and wont be leaving until Monday morning.
  10. yeah I COULD but I just don't want to buy a bigger bike just because I can. i love the two fiddy, very economical, and I've already planned what bike I'll be buying on the 19th of Feb 2007 (hornet 600. or a Kwaka z750. or a Yamaha FZ6N). I just don't see the point in selling the 250 & having something else seond hand for 12 months, instead I'd rather save & get a brand new bike when I upgrade.
  11. so does anyone think you can make it there in a day? or should I allow 2 days for travel?
  12. The ride would be a lot more pleasant spread over a couple of days, which would allow you to take the GOR and plenty of scenic cuppas instead of fangin' it down a straight highway and arriving so stiff and sore you have to maintain your riding posture even when OFF the bike.

    Unless you're used to really long days in the saddle, you'll find that sort of distance pretty harsh.
  13. thanks matt!

    darn too short message!!

    thanks again!!
  14. I found touring on a 250 is ok but unless you are small the cramped position can become pretty uncomfortable after a while.
    If i were you i'd take 2 days and make sure i was here in time for the netrider dinner. :)
  15. LOL @ ya signature :LOL:

    Just noticed it.

    D/loaded quite of few of Chappelles clips
  16. I did just over 850k in 2 days on my ZZR250 and apart from a numb bum the ride was good, I probably did twice as many gear changes as the other guys, (on R1's) but mostly they rode to the speed limits, (120kph in the back areas) so I managed to keep up with them. Bike never skipped a beat and I used half the fuel they did.
  17. now THAT'S a good idea!!
  18. Tash, you can tour round the world on a 250, but you may not want to. I'd be inclined to let the big bikes do the hard work, pillion it and do it in two days. You'll save wear and tear on your bike as well.

    And you MUST come to the Netrider Dinner!!!
  19. I dont agree with those who say dont ride a 250 to the GP. Hog wash, if the others are riding at, or about the speed limit, you wont have problem.
    If there aim is to cruise at 150-200 k, forget it.
    The only time it might be a bit hard. Is if the wind is blowing a force 9. Because of the lighter weight
    Actually, there is a good chance you will do the trip, & be fresher than the others.
    And to top it off. You will love, being on your own bike at the Island.