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VIC Phillip Island Ride Days Added December Dates

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Phillip Island Ride Days added December dates

    Do you want an early Christmas Pressie?? As most of you may have heard the 8 hour at Phillip Island Circuit has been cancelled. Whilst we are very disappointed about this happening it has given Phillip Island Ride Days a very rare opportunity to run ride days on the 1st and 2nd December with a 95 decibel rating. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as weekend Phillip Island Ride Days don’t usually happen, coupled with the fact that the track is being resurfaced for the rest of the month of December, it is the last chance to ride in 2012. Secure your place now at http://www.phillipislandridedays.com.au

  2. I'd encourage the wider motorcycling community to boycott these ride days as a show of solidarity for all the teams and individuals who have lost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours because of the unreasonable and deplorable cancellation of the 8 Hour.
  3. Hey Mal,
    What is your understanding on why it was cancelled or why you think it was cancelled.

  4. Hi Dave. Honestly, I don't know. I've posted in the neighbouring post re the cancellation.

    Fact. The resurfacing equipment arrived on site the Monday after MotoGP.
    Fact. There were enough entries to run the 8 Hour and support classes.
    Fact. The BIGGEST EVER MOTOGP ATTENDANCE could easily have covered any alleged 8 Hour revenue shortfall.
    Fact. Trackdays generate far more revenue than racing. With WAY less hassles from those pesky racers and officials.
    Fact. The newly listed trackdays have been offered while entrants and sponsors of the 8 Hour have heard NOTHING. Nothing regarding reimbursment of funds, postponement of schedule, NOTHING.
    Fact. PI Operations are ruthless, money-grubbing c_nts. (Okay that's more opinion than fact)
  5. When I first heard about the cancellation I thought it may have been due to the track resurfacing and then new P.I ride day dates rolled out, I was surprised to be honest.

    I would have loved to ride in the support classes.


    Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

    In response to feedback and comment about the cancellation of the 8 Hour endurance event, the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit have issued the following statement to provide clarity around how and why the decision has been made. For more info go to

  6. Isn't PIRD a completely different company to the company which operates the circuit?

    In which case, the circuit operator will get the track fees from PIRD irrespective of whether PIRD is boycotted on those two days or not, so the boycott idea will only hurt the PIRD/CSS company, not the operators of the track.
  7. Seems legit.

    Personally I'd rather do a ride day than watch a race...