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Phillip Island Ride Day Easter Monday 17th April

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by gingerbikerchick, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm new to the site and relatively new to the country. (On a 5 month visit, originally from London-Jaq told me about the site from a UK forum we both visit).

    I've got my place booked on this day and am hiring out a Daytona 600.

    Anyone else from this site up for a bit of tarmac surfing (knees only!)

  2. a few from the forum may do a track day @ winton
  3. good chance i'll be there
    hopefully doing friday the 14th too
  4. It'll be good to meet you Lurker.

    Where exactly is Winton?
  5. 200km north east of Melbourne on the Hume Freeway (the main highway between Melbourne & Sydney).

    If you look at a map you'll find it between Benalla & Wangaratta. being on the freeway it's an "easy" 2 hour run up there. but there are some slightly longer but better ways to get there.
  6. Hey Ginger.... Sadly I wont be there on the Monday.. Lapping it up on Good friday instead. Ain't you a Sportsbike.cc user??
  7. Ya gotta watch some of these Brit shelias, they ride like hell on wheels.
    And no one can touch a Brit rider on a road if it's been raining, they live on wet tarmac. LMAO.

    Have fun GBC, catch you when you hit Sydney.

    You bring the booze, I'll supply a bike.

    Laterz: Jaq.
  8. mate u got any clips??
    lol :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I'll send you the photos of GBC in skin tight leather ok mate?
  10. Hmmm, I'd love to go on Monday but I'm not prepared to pre-pay for Monday in case I bin-it on Friday :shock:

    Phillip Island is good but Winton for $100 is much better value, especially if it rains and you decide not ride, Winton then only costs the fuel to get there.... PI you lose your $200.
  11. Well once you get round ok, you can come back on Monday.

    Stuff value for money etc it's a world class GP circuit and trust me, for the day, bike & kit hire, petrol and lunch, i would pay the same at Brands Hatch or Donnington for using my own bike.

    I am so excited.

    Yes, i suppose i will have experience in the rain but expecting to be ultra slow at first-will go for the knee down later.

    Will be wearing a black armband for a fallen rider and obviously have red hair so come say hi if you see me.

    I hope they give me a set of leathers that fit Jaq-if not, you can send on the profile pics from VD :oops:

    I used to go on that other forum as well as many more
  12. If they're smart the leathers will be two sizes too small...LOL.
  13. its 4:20am good friday and its raining outside
    sorry to dampend the mood
  14. I'm off home Troy, and it ain't raining here amigo.

    Average temp is still about 22 to 25.

    Have a good long weekend mate.
  15. bugger that man i wont have a long weekend
    i got to work
    ahhh the joy of working lol
  16. mmmmmmmm redheaded pommie girls :drool: :)
  17. but vic dont u drool at most girls haha :wink: :LOL:
  18. i'll let you drool if you let me use your bike :p

    i'm having problems here guys indeed. the school hasn't called me back and on the back of the form, it does indeed state $3500 plus $500 for leathers.

    i'm off to see if i can hire a bike for the weekend (need to check excesses)-if anyone has a track bike that they are planning to use on this date, would you let me share it with you?

    i've been riding 3 years-cbr 600fw, never had an accident and have done 3 track days before.

    i know it's cheeky to ask but i don't want to miss out and i'm hoping my fellow bikers can help me out.

    if all else fails, i'll have a place for sale for monday
  19. ride needed phillip island 17th april

    things have gone wrong with the bike hire-can anyone help me out with a track bike on monday for phillip island?

    will pay any expenses, shout you lunch....

    i have a held a full bike licence for 3 years, my last bike was a cbr600fw, i have never crashed and have done 3 trackdays.

    please fellow bikers, if you can help me out, i'll be in debt to you forever

  20. Oooooo shite.

    I presume you tried Garner's hire bikes and the mobs in Ringwood?