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Phillip Island Ride Day 07/10/05

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MC Wayne, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    Anyone headin' down for the Aus Superbike School ride day on Friday the 7th of Oct? Good to catch up with any ride day people.
    MC 8)

  2. Coulda, woulda, shoulda...
  3. I'm not going to that one... :cry:
    But I'm booked in for Melbourne cup day at the Island, :D and also winton on the 22nd of this month.... :LOL:
    Anyone else going to one of these??
  4. Who runs the ride days at winton? I did a quick search but was unable to dig up anything.

  5. I will be there this Friday...can't wait.. :D Been too long between 8)
  6. Forecast say there may be some showers, hope not though.
  7. Phillip Island 7th Oct

    Hi FR,
    Come and say 'Hi' will be riding a blue 99 R1 with black Joe Rocket leathers.
    MC 8)
  8. There's a site I use called Trakdaze.com that also organizes ride daze at winton/ Broadford/ Queensland raceway/.(amongst others). Most are held through Champions Ride days but come with a trakdaze discount :wink:
  9. I will be there for the thur and the fri - on a Black Buell and a grey primer ZXR (track bike) . Will be set up in a pit garage (hopefully) with FR , more than welcome to join us . Not sure on the cost of them yet but will need one as I will leave the bikes down there over night.
  10. Not sure at this stage.
  11. Da Ride Day

    Hi Guys,
    A big thanx goin' out to Bren & Fr, a pleasure sharing the pits with you. Have to do it again real soon. Had a ball gettin' back into the swing of it again. A great day to see some talented riders too.. Thanks again as I didin't get to say Ciao to you Bren b4 leavin'
    MC 8)

    PS: Sandy please keep your web address a secret.