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Phillip Island photos circa 1977

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 2up, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. I found these in an old photo album during a clean up at our store.

    The old control tower. Note the Le Mans style start and the overdone crowd "control".

    A Le Mans style start looking back to where the pits are today.

    This would be rear of the pits where corporate entertainment building is now.

    This is where the pit carpark is now. Not much more that a paddock in those days. In winter it became a mud pit. The bloke on the left is Dave. Dave, if your reading this - send us a message. Love to catch up.

    Ah yes, cigarrette sponsorship. The end of the main straight. In the distance is ...I think it was called Rothmans straight or corner ????

  2. Great pics! Shows us young blokes how it used to be.
  3. How long before the old farts club wreck this thread?? :grin:
  4. The 3rd picture is of Bert Flood's Bultaco streamliner which he used to set a number of Australian speed records back in the 1970's.


    Love the high-tech trailer and tow vehicle. :roll:
  5. It was shitty, until 88
  6. I can understand what you're saying but the "island" had a charm all of its own pre 89. Our family have always had holiday homes down there since 1965 and we would often go to the track if something was on. It was like a picnic race meeting back in those days.
  7. All this saftey business nowadays has taken the edge outa WFO on muddaboikes.
  8. Dunno about that.
  9. I used to love going to Phillip Island race track before it was all renovated... these days it's all just a bit too sterile.

    The Isle of Mann TT is much more interesting :)
  10. Philip Island is not sterile, when you are doing laps. I can't think of a track that is.
  11. I think I know what you mean. When it was just a track in a padock only the real "motor heads" would go to watch. Now it's like a tourist attraction for the yuppies and the once a year Harley riders.
  12. What is wrong with making tracks safer? :?
  13. Nothing, in my opinion.
  14. Oh you mean when there was no sponsorship, no TV coverage, no safety, terrible facilities and the riders made no money whatsoever? Yeah that was much better. :roll:
  15. But everyone had a great time..and not a cafe latte to be seen. :grin: :grin:
  16. Cafe Latte was invented after safety.
  17. But the trailer and tow vehicle were high tech back in 1977.
    I wonder where that Bultaco is now.???
  18. I hope that the Family still have it.
  19. For Australia's premier track, safety and sterile, modern facilites would have to be the way to go, I reckon? And for the picnic atmosphere there's still tracks like Broadford. I enjoy both.

    But how claustrophobic does that Bultaco look?
  20. one has started already :roll:

    LOVE the start of the 250 proddy race; Yamaha and Suzuki battling for the lead at a zillion revs :LOL: